5 The Bold And The Beautiful Recasts Who Made The Role Their Own

Every so often, for whatever reason, a character on a soap opera undergoes a dramatic change. However, instead of permanently killing the character off or writing them out of town, shows like "The Bold and the Beautiful" place another actor into the role instead. Recasting is an essential part of what helps a juggernaut operation like a soap opera remain on the air for decades. Soaps typically air five days a week and some actors, understandably, thereby find themselves unavailable for the high-pressure demands of the genre, which can lead to a new face being required. 

"Bold" is an interesting example because unlike any of its counterparts, they still have two actors remaining in their original roles. Katherine Kelly Lang and John McCook have played Brooke Logan and Eric Forrester since the debut of the series in 1987. However, despite several original characters remaining on the canvas, they have completely different actors steering their ships. Famous roles like Ridge Forrester and Katie Logan are as relevant now as they were in the beginning, but the way they're played or the directions they've been taken in have changed. 

Viewer reaction is key to a successful recast. If the fans aren't supportive of a significant change, they aren't afraid to voice those grievances on social media, so in order for an actor to make a role their own, all of the necessary pieces have to fall into place. 

Annika Noelle as Hope Logan

Kim Matula vacated the role of Hope Logan after playing the character from 2010 to 2016. After a two-year absence from the series, Hope made her grand return to "The Bold and the Beautiful," this time with Annika Noelle debuting in the role. Noelle immediately jumped into the ongoing saga between Hope, Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton), and Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Her version of Hope instantly felt more outspoken than her predecessor, and she's been a part of several key moments in the character's development ever since. 

Noelle was tasked with the heartbreaking scenes surrounding Hope's daughter being presumed dead when in reality Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady) sold Hope's baby. This ignited a storyline with Thomas being obsessed with her that climaxed in 2023 with Hope finally giving in to temptation. Under Noelle's stewardship, Hope is embracing her mother, Brooke Logan's roots, and she's flirting with the bad boy — something Matula's Hope would never be caught dead doing. 

Viewers were pleased with Noelle's performance as Hope, with many flocking to social media to express their delight. One posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, "Brad Bell has some less interesting recasts done, but Annika is Hope! I loved Kim Matula, was so frightened for the recast, but it has been such a smooth, wonderful transition!" Another enjoyed Matula's version of Hope, but finds Noelle better suited, writing, "I loved Kim's Hope but Annika has become Hope, this was the best recast ever."

Matthew Atkinson as Thomas Forrester

Thomas Forrester was floundering prior to Matthew Atkinson taking over in March 2019. Thomas was in confusing relationships with Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) and Caroline Spencer (Linsey Godfrey), often finding himself torn between the two women. However, when Thomas left town to be with Caroline and his son, Douglas Forrester, it seemed like that would be as much character development as he'd get. Thankfully for fans, Atkinson joined the cast, kickstarting an exciting new villain era for Thomas. 

Thomas' obsession with Hope Logan was a complicated, deeply layered mess that saw Thomas go far outside the bounds of the law in his pursuit. Atkinson was a far more menacing version of Thomas, something vastly different than what viewers were familiar with. At the same time though, Atkinson's ability to have natural, electric chemistry with his screen partners — namely Annika Noelle (Hope) — made him a fan favorite despite his wicked ways. 

Regarding Atkinson's portrayal of Thomas, one viewer tweeted, "They were on the right track at #BoldandBeautiful when they recast Thomas with Matthew Atkinson, suddenly the character was very watchable & exciting." Another fan admitted to forgetting Atkinson didn't originate the role, praising the actor by stating, "I always forget Matthew as Thomas is a recast because he has been so good at the role its like it was made just for him. Ps: For me Matthew is the only Thomas."

Krista Allen as Taylor Hayes

Hunter Tylo was synonymous with the role of Taylor Hayes. She played the character for nearly three decades, and aside from a brief period, she was the only actor to play the part. This longevity made it difficult to hear the news of Taylor being recast in 2021. After years of one face behind the character, daytime veteran Krista Allen was announced to be stepping into the role. 

Allen instantly brought her personality to the character, effectively breathing new life into Taylor. Oftentimes boring and cold, Taylor had a fresh vibe the moment Allen made her first appearance. It helped that Taylor was made to feel like a big deal again right out of the gate, immediately inserted into prominent storylines like the love triangle with Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) and Brooke Logan. 

Fan reaction to Allen joining "The Bold and the Beautiful" was mostly positive as well, with one viewer asserting, "The role of the world-renowned psychiatrist seemed impossible to recast, but in a matter of months, Allen revitalized a tired triangle and brought new energy to every one of Taylor's relationships, including Ridge and especially Brooke." Another viewer gave Allen the highest possible praise by tweeting, "Considering the difficulty of the task, I do believe Krista Allen may be the greatest recast in soap history."

Thorsten Kaye as Ridge Forrester

Ridge Forrester is an original character, one that has withstood the test of time since the genesis of "The Bold and the Beautiful." Ron Moss was the only Ridge from 1987 until his exit in 2012. There was no other logical choice to play Ridge, but following the first season of "All My Children's" short-lived reboot, Thorsten Kaye signed on as Ridge. One of the biggest differences was Ridge becoming more serious and less flamboyant than his predecessor. 

Thanks to Kaye's unique performance style, Ridge was finally recognized at the Daytime Emmy Awards. Kaye has been nominated for three of the prestigious gongs since becoming the present-day version of Ridge. Kaye not only burst onto the scene with his individualized style of playing Ridge, but he accomplished this while simultaneously, and effortlessly, blending into existing relationships Ridge possessed for decades prior. 

Viewers instantly took to Thorsten's unique portrayal of Ridge, with one enthusing, "Man, Thorsten Kaye is the best recast ever. He makes me feel for Ridge. Couldn't feel that for previous Ridge. LOL." Another commended Kaye's ability to convey a convincing father/daughter relationship with Steffy Forrester, noting, "I wholeheartedly endorse Thorsten Kaye portrayal of Ridge. He brings more depth to the character. Plus, he & JMW dynamic as father/daughter is phenomenal. So it's his portrayal of Ridge that I like over the other one."

Heather Tom as Katie Logan

Katie Logan is an original character on "The Bold and the Beautiful," but she wasn't nearly as significant to the overall storylines until Heather Tom took over. Prior to becoming the present iteration of Katie, Tom was known for playing Victoria Newman on "The Young and the Restless." Following her exit from that show, in 2003, Tom also spent some time on ABC soaps "All My Children" and "One Life To Live." 

Tom stepped into an existing role, and not only did she make it her own, but she shattered any and all expectations for the character. From an emotionally charged storyline centered around postpartum depression to Katie's countless health problems, she's given it everything she's got. Her work has been recognized and celebrated, with Tom earning four Daytime Emmy Awards since joining the cast and being nominated a total of eight times. In 2023, Katie only makes sporadic appearances on "Bold." However, any time she's on camera, she commands attention, making her one of the most successful recasts in the show's illustrious history. 

Viewers adore Tom's version of Katie, with one arguing, "To me, Heather Tom makes Katie special. Maybe she could go work overseas on a special project for Forrester. But I don't want to see a recast for Katie." Another gave even higher praise to the veteran soap actor, writing, "I totally get being a Katie fan because of Heather Tom, one of the greatest actresses to ever grace daytime."