Why We May Not Be Seeing More Episodes Of When Hope Calls On Hallmark

The "When Calls the Heart" spinoff, "When Hope Calls," aired Season 1 on Hallmark and two Christmas specials on the GAC Family network. However, despite being picked up for a second season, "When Hope Calls" is likely not coming back anytime soon.

"It's a show that keeps popping by to say 'Hi,' but you never know," leading actor Morgan Kohan told Hello! about "When Hope Calls." She continued, "I think it's a really beautiful world and I'm so happy for my time in it. I think maybe, at a point, I would [return to the show] but I'm really excited with where my career is taking me now."

As sad as this news is for "Hearties" who also enjoyed "When Hope Calls," the reason is a positive one: Kohan has a new gig. She stars in "Sullivan's Crossing," a new show that first aired on CTV and has now come to the CW. Like "When Calls the Heart" and "When Hope Calls," this show is based on a series of books, and the author of the "Sullivan's Crossing" books inspired another uber-popular show based on some of her other work.

Morgan Kohan said her new character is 'at a crossroads'

The TV show "Sullivan's Crossing" is based on books by Robyn Carr, who penned "Virgin River." Morgan Kohan plays the show's protagonist, neurosurgeon Maggie Sullivan. Like the protagonist of the Netflix smash series "Virgin River," Maggie finds solace in a small town when she needs it most. The difference is that in "Sullivan's Crossing," Maggie's reprieve happens in her hometown surrounded by the people from her past that she hasn't seen in a long time — plus some new faces.

Kohan spoke with Us Weekly about the show, which has a Season 2 in production. She said that her character Maggie is in a difficult spot, trying to reconcile her current self with her past self. Kohan added, "So it's really her at a crossroads of trying to figure out who she is and if both of those parts of her can live simultaneously. Or who she truthfully is and wants to be."

The actor also said she enjoyed working with her co-stars on "Sullivan's Crossing." If you're wondering whatever happened to Chad Michael Murray, he stars alongside Kohan in the drama as Cal Jones, Maggie's love interest.

'Sullivan's Crossing' reunited Chad Michael Murray with a 'Gilmore Girls' co-star

Chad Michael Murray and Morgan Kohan were interviewed by CTV Atlantic to discuss "Sullivan's Crossing" when it premiered in Canada in March 2023. They talked a little bit about their characters, and Murray said, "Cal is, as we've come to know him, the mystery man." It seems Cal and Maggie may become the new Jack and Mel, the "Virgin River" fan-favorite couple.

Kohan also talked a bit about Maggie's journey home and seeing her father again — played by Murray's former "Gilmore Girls" co-star Scott Patterson. Murray discussed how it was nice to have someone on set that he already knew, adding, "It eases you in a little bit."

When Patterson, Murray, and Kohan were interviewed by Inside South Florida prior to the CW's release of "Sullivan's Crossing" Season 1, Murray had nothing but good things to say about the show's lead and the show as a whole. "There's no better number one," he said. "[Kohan] crushes it. She carries us every day. And I just really think that the world that [executive producer and creator Roma Roth] has created here from Robyn Carr's works, it's fulfilling." Although saying goodbye to "When Hopes Calls" is disappointing, fans could absolutely find a new comfort show in "Sullivan's Crossing."