Meghan McCain Claims She's Through Bad-Mouthing President Biden

Meghan McCain wasn't shy about voicing her opinions when she was a co-host on "The View," and even after leaving the show, she hasn't minced words when it comes to the Biden family, particularly in her column with the Daily Mail. In it, Meghan criticized Hunter Biden for being a nepo baby. She called out Joe Biden for not publicly acknowledging his seventh grandchild, Navy. And after getting Covid in late 2021, she placed the blame of the ongoing pandemic on "Biden and his feckless, moronic, isolated Titanic of an administration," via Daily Mail. Meghan's hardly the only person to express their displeasure with the president and his family. But in a sign of what we can hope is a potential step towards a more civil discourse in today's polarized political climate, Meghan's going to keep her mouth shut in public when it comes to the president.

We have her mother Cindy McCain to thank (or to blame, depending on what you think of Meghan's opinions of Biden) for Meghan's new stance. Meghan spoke with The Messenger to say that she and her mom had talked about Meghan's very derogatory and very public thoughts on the Biden administration, and said: "My mother has asked me to keep these things private because she still maintains a very close relationship with him. Out of respect for her, I just am not going to talk about it publicly."

Cindy McCain has consistently said good things about Joe Biden

While the McCain and Biden families may be on different sides of the political spectrum, Meghan McCain seems to be the only one who has gone so far as to continually insult Biden publicly. It's been the opposite for her mother Cindy McCain, who endorsed Biden for president in 2020. And in September 2023, at the announcement of the John S. McCain III library at Arizona State University, Cindy referred to Joe Biden as "a long-time friend, tough political opponent and strong leader. All traits that my husband, John, also possessed," via McCain Institute. Biden also spoke at the library announcement, which is being funded in part by a grant from the Biden administration, and he noted his decades-long friendship with John that still existed when John was running against Barack Obama for president and Biden was Obama's running mate.

And Biden has publicly supported Meghan in the past. In a 2017 appearance on "The View," Meghan got emotional talking about the president's memoir, which goes into detail about his son Beau's cancer diagnosis and eventual death — it was the same cancer that her father John McCain had been diagnosed with and would die from in August 2018. And Biden comforted Meghan, noting how much respect he had for her father, even though they didn't always agree politically.

Meghan McCain's tune on Joe Biden has changed over the years

Meghan McCain was a long-time openly conservative voice during her time on "The View," but her public disdain of Joe Biden seems to have been ratcheted up in the last couple of years. She referred to him derogatorily as "Grandpa Joe" and having "obvious mental decline" in one of her Daily Mail articles. That seems counter to what she said before the 2020 election. In an appearance on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" in April 2020, Meghan said of Biden, "I love him dearly." And when it came to whether she'd be voting for Donald Trump or Biden in the election, she said: "it really shouldn't take a rocket scientist to know there's one man who has made pain in my life, a living hell, and another man who has literally shepherded me through the grief process." Trump and John McCain had frequently clashed as Trump entered politics and became president. Though despite what seemed like a clear indication that she'd be voting for Biden, Meghan later wrote that she didn't vote for either Trump or Biden, according to Daily Mail.

And while Meghan has apparently told her mom she'd keep Joe's name out of her mouth in public, we're not sure if that extends to his son Hunter, as he's another frequent target in Meghan's Daily Mail column. Only time will tell if and how Meghan's rhetoric towards the Bidens changes.