What Happened To Wedding Wagon After Shark Tank?

It can be quite expensive to rent the perfect wedding venue. What if there was a cheaper, more convenient way to get married? Two business owners, James Cass and Adrian Gonzalez, headed to "Shark Tank" Season 6, Episode 2 with a business idea centered around that very concept. 

Cass and Gonzalez were asking for $125,000 for 20% equity in their business Wedding Wagon, a van that doubled as a portable wedding chapel. "The Wedding Wagon is the world's first casual and affordable mobile wedding service," Gonzalez told the money-hungry sharks. Wedding Wagon worked well because it was an affordable way for couples to get married anywhere in Las Vegas. The business also could provide an officiant and photographer if needed, the owners said.

To give a demonstration, Gonzalez hosted a fake vow renewal of "shark love" for sharks Kevin O'Leary and Barbara Corcoran. When he stepped into the back of the Wedding Wagon and the doors were opened, the van was outfitted with purple curtains and flowers. They also had a tiara and veil for Corcoran and rings made out of folded dollar bills. "I object!" Mark Cuban called as Gonzalez conducted the ceremony. It ended with a quick kiss between O'Leary and Corcoran, causing the other sharks to "Awww."

A business mistake that shocked the sharks

The demonstration was a success, and James Cass and Adrian Gonzalez asked the sharks, "Who's ready to say 'I do' to the Wedding Wagon?" and knelt to present a fake ring. Although they had good things to say about the business — the owners said they could perform about eight weddings per day and earned about $243,000 in sales the previous year — things went downhill when Kevin O'Leary asked about their business expansion plan. Unfortunately, Cass and Gonzalez sold the Las Vegas branch of Wedding Wagon for about $120,000, so they could focus on making Wedding Wagon a franchise with branches all over the country.

The sharks all seemed surprised by this. Mark Cuban was unimpressed, pointing out that evidently, they were not doing that well in Vegas if they were seeking more business elsewhere. Although they had a second van in Vegas before the sale, Cuban said that if they were making good money with the Las Vegas Wedding Wagon, they would not have made that choice. He became the first shark to step back from the deal.

The other sharks were shocked to find out the franchise fee for Wedding Wagon was $25,000. Lori Greiner dropped out next, stating that anyone could personalize a van and do the same thing without becoming a Wedding Wagon franchise.

Is Wedding Wagon still in business?

The next shark not feeling the love for Wedding Wagon was Robert Herjavec, who couldn't understand why James Cass and Adrian Gonzalez sold their business while it was doing well. Since there was no guarantee that the franchise would be successful, he dropped out. Kevin O'Leary dropped out next with Barbara Corcoran dropping out last. She admitted that had they not sold the Las Vegas Wedding Wagon, she would have made a deal.

Just because an entrepreneur swims out of the "Shark Tank" without a deal doesn't mean they don't see success. For example, after "Shark Tank," Paparazzi Proposals — another wedding-adjacent business — stayed in business, despite their deal with the sharks never being finalized. So, what happened to the Wedding Wagon brand after "Shark Tank"? As of 2023, Las Vegas Wedding Wagon (the branch that Cass and Gonzalez said they sold) is still operational. They've expanded from beyond just the mobile wedding van and can plan weddings in real chapels for a higher price.

Couples can also purchase add-ons, like boutonnieres, a souvenir of their vows, bouquets, and more. Shark Tank Recap estimates that Wedding Wagon earns a gross amount of $1 to $2 million a year. However, there is no sign of any other Wedding Wagon branches online, and the Wedding Wagon Franchise Company Facebook page has not been active since 2015. That, plus Gonzalez's new job on LinkedIn, implies that his and Cass' goals never came to pass.