What We Know About HGTV Star Alison Victoria's Secretive Love Life

While HGTV host Alison Victoria allows her design work to shine on-screen, she's more private when it comes to her personal life. Because of this, little is known about the secretive love life of the HGTV personality, but we do know that she was previously married to insurance agent Luke Harding and has been romantically linked to Michael Marks.

Victoria is the host of HGTV's "Windy City Rehab," where she uses her interior design skills to bring a modern touch to Chicago properties. Previously, she hosted the DIY Network series "Kitchen Crashers" and has appeared on shows like "Battle on the Beach" and "Rock the Block." Though Victoria has a background in interior design, the Chicago native didn't expect to become a major HGTV personality. "Design was always what I wanted to do," she said in an HGTV interview. "So it was very easy to get into the business, never knowing that I was going to do TV." 

It makes sense that Victoria has clear boundaries between her professional and personal spheres, but she has occasionally let fans in on her love life.

Alison Victoria married Luke Harding in 2013

While Alison Victoria may keep the details of her love life private, she has confirmed her previous marriage to insurance company owner Luke Harding. The two met on the dating site Match.com in 2011, with the interior designer telling A Drink With that they first met up in person at a Chicago Cubs game.

The two became engaged in 2013, with Harding arranging a midnight picnic at The Drake Hotel's French Room during a trip to Paris to pop the question. While few other details are known about the couple's romantic relationship, the HGTV star shared some insight into their connection. "I married Luke because he was the guy that was my biggest fan," Victoria told the Chicago Splash in 2014 (via Distractify). "He's super proud."

Victoria and Harding were wed in November 2013, but they reportedly separated in 2019 and were believed to be divorced by 2022, per Meaww.

The HGTV star has been connected to Michael Marks

Sometime after separating from Luke Harding, Alison Victoria began dating Michael Marks. Little is known about Marks, but he is confirmed to be a managing director at the real estate agency Cushman & Wakefield. In an interview with People, Victoria shared some insight into the support that her beau provided during the public legal scandals faced by "Windy City Rehab" and her professional break-up with her former co-host Donovan Eckhardt.

"I focus on what can I do, not what I can't do, because when you do that, you're going to go down a very dark hole and you can't dig yourself out," the HGTV host shared, crediting Marks for helping her stay positive during the rough period. "I haven't allowed myself to go there. I've peeked, and I'm like, 'That's not for you. You didn't come this far to fall down. You didn't come this far to give up.'"

Besides emotional support, we know that Marks once provided some pretty notable financial support to his partner, preventing Victoria from losing out on millions of dollars by buying an unsold property renovated on "Windy City Rehab." The two reportedly lived together in 2020, putting their Chicago home up for sale amidst Victoria's legal troubles, but it's unclear if the two are still together.