Days' Emily O'Brien Spills BTS Secrets On Her Chaotic Swap From Gwen To Theresa - Exclusive Interview

Despite the shocking firing of Jen Lilley (Theresa Donovan) from "Days of Our Lives" and the shuffling of Emily O'Brien from playing Gwen Rizczech to now playing Theresa, O'Brien has been a good sport through the entire ordeal. In an exclusive interview with The List at 2023's "Day of Days" fan event hosted by Peacock on October 21, she was asked about what was going through her mind during her first scenes as Theresa. 

The character change was definitely wild for O'Brien. "Well, honestly, the entire day was a blur for me because I was playing Gwen and Theresa in the same day," she remarked. Due to the speed at which the change occurred, she explained, "I didn't have time to prepare it like I would've liked. I think I was given a little bit of backstory on Theresa, who she is, her family, and her arc." Theresa had previously moved away with her and Brady Black's (Eric Martsolf) son, Tate. Tate, who has been SORAS'd, is now portrayed by actor Jamie Martin Mann.

Nonetheless, O'Brien made it work. "I just kind of was piecing things together myself and I don't know, I just did it. I just did it," the actor shared. She certainly did her homework because the change was almost seamless. O'Brien didn't miss a beat in Theresa's storyline — including her look.

O'Brien likes her new wig

Ever since Emily O'Brien debuted as Theresa Donovan on the October 6 "Days of Our Lives" episode, we've loved her new wigged-out look. Because the character's former actor, Jen Lilley, was blonde, the brunette O'Brien was told she would be wearing a wig for her new character. When asked if she was expecting the fans to have an intense reaction to the wig, she responded by noting the juxtaposition of Gwen going out of one door and Theresa coming in another, during the transitional scene. "Honestly, the wig was just a solution to a problem," she stated. "And that problem was it would be impossible to play two characters in one day as a brunette and as a blonde. I did consider dyeing my hair, but knowing that I would have to portray two characters in, it was a week, actually, it would be impossible."

The wig also protects O'Brien's natural hair and is easy to don. "I don't have to run heat through my hair and product through my hair. Put it on and boom, I'm Theresa," she admitted. To her, that solution "was the only thing that made sense. And I do, I like it now, honestly." Which is good, as the fans have already warmed up to her.

We're looking forward to seeing what antics the new Theresa will be up to!