Deidre Hall & Drake Hogestyn On New Days Co-Producer Bringing Light Back To Set - Exclusive Interview

"Days of Our Lives" underwent some turmoil earlier in 2023 when allegations of behind-the-scenes impropriety arose over co-executive producer Albert Alarr, who has since been fired. In August 2023, it was reported that Janet Drucker, who worked on the show in various capacities since 1984, was tapped to replace him. Starting as a production associate and working her way up the ladder until eventually becoming senior producer in 2020, Drucker is only the fourth woman in the entire history of the show to now hold the co-executive producer title.

The List chatted with cast members Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans) and Drake Hogestyn (John Black) at the 2023 "Day of Days" fan celebration hosted by Peacock on October 21. When asked what it was like working for her, Hall wasted no time in responding. "Not a moment too soon and a gift from heaven. She is so prepared," she said. "She is so devoted to the show, knowledgeable, and also a little daring." Hall further explained that Drucker is very approachable, especially if an actor has ideas for their character, noting that, "Her door is open. She listens with her whole heart and I couldn't be happier." 

Hogestyn knew Drucker from the beginning and explained that his experience was similar to when minor league baseball players all climb up to the major leagues together, recalling, "And with Janet, I remember I came on right after she did, but she was like a PA in the booth." 

Drucker makes people feel safe and welcome on Days

Now that Albert Alarr is gone from "Days of Our Lives," the cast and crew are hoping Janet Drucker will bring light and positivity back to the set. Drake Hogestyn initially wondered which position she was going to move into, observing, "They move you around a little bit and you watch her slowly because she is so invested and emotionally attached to the show. They went, 'She's got a pretty good eye for that, and for her to move in the position she is now.'"

The whole behind-the-scenes feeling has changed, as Hogestyn further commented, "We feel really safe. We feel really good, really comfortable. And sometimes you have a producer or something like that or whatever that you don't feel comfortable going and talking to him because you never know where you sit [or where] you stand." Much like Deidre Hall, Hogestyn marveled at Drucker's approachability, stating that she's always in touch whether by phone, email, or texting. And he also praised her not just for her availability, but her presence on the set which lets people realize "she's right on top of [everything]. That's really rare."

We're glad for the change and look forward to the exciting new directions the show will go in!