Winter House Season 3 Newbies Skate On Thin Ice With Cringey Premiere Antics

Forget everything you think you know about Bravo's strategy for "Winter House." We don't know what conversations were had in the boardroom, but there's just one word to describe this year's casting: rogue. Producers have raided the address book at Bravo HQ and handpicked some of the network's finest stars, putting them all in one Colorado house in something that's half "Battle Royale" and half "Love Island." 

We know the colder months are rolling around when "Winter House" catapults back onto our screens like a snowball thrown by an overzealous middle schooler — but this time, there's a twist. Instead of playing it safe like in previous seasons by taking already established cast members from shows like "Southern Charm" and "Summer House", producers have decided to make it as varied as a BravoCon lineup. Charleston's finest, Austin Kroll and Craig Conover, proved to be staples in the past, so it's a little surprising to fans that they've been given the snow boot in favor of, well, everyone else. 

We do still have some familiar faces from previous seasons, including Kyle Cooke and his wife, Amanda Batula. But is this married couple strong enough to keep the newbies in line? We wouldn't be so sure...

Alex Propson and Brian Benni need to check themselves

The season opener of "Winter House" was filled with enough energy to put the Energizer bunny to shame, with a spitfire of introductions to multiple Bravolebrities. It's a smorgasbord of new faces in the "Winter House" residence, but there's one interesting element that bonds the majority of them. Aside from Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula, the rest of the cast members are single — and ready to make a holy mess mingling. We may be used to seeing things get out of hand in Bravo reality TV shows, but these rag-tag bunch of newbies are skating on thin ice. At the helm of this iceberg-destined ship are "Below Deck" alum Alex Propson and "Family Karma" star Brian Benni.

From the get-go, the house's vibe is clear. Danielle Olivera is fresh out of a long-term relationship and while some of the ladies seem open to the idea of finding a sweet winter romance, it's Propson and Benni who are causing the ruckus. This troublesome twosome barely gets their introductions out of the way before they find themselves drunk and making total fools of themselves. They also have a common goal ... and her name is Jordan Emmanuel. 

After the standard first-night debauchery, Propson manages to coax Emmanuel into the hot tub, and it isn't long before things get uncomfortably steamy.

Bravo, put Alex Propson and Brian Benni in the cooler

While the majority of newbies spend their evening settling in, Alex Propson is set on trying to make his move. Jordan Emmanuel sits at one end of the hot tub as a visibly intoxicated Propson attempts to charm her with slurry compliments. She stays in her corner as he goes in for a kiss, forcing the "Summer House: Martha's Vineyard" star to turn her head away. That swiftly puts an end to the would-be match, but Emmanuel is forced to bat off advances from Brian Benni just a short time later. 

These incredibly cringeworthy encounters are difficult to watch, and although Emmanuel handled both situations with class, it begs the question: What is going on this season? Is there testosterone in the tequila, or is there something seriously off with the male newbies this year? 

We're no stranger to drunken Bravo antics, but that doesn't mean that bad behavior — especially when it comes to unwanted intimate advances — is okay. Were Propson and Benni simply caught up in the moment, or were they trying to establish themselves as alpha males in order to secure more screen time? Whatever the answer, one thing is for sure: when it comes to winning fans, this is NOT the way to do it.