The 5 Most Chaotic Moments From The Winter House Season 2 Premiere

If there's one thing that the "Summer House/Winter House" franchise always delivers on, it is chaos. Understandably so, after all, the premise of the show is essentially a group of young adults living under one roof for the sole purpose of partying and drinking in excess. With tensions and tempers flaring, and shotskis and Lover Boy cans flowing it can only end in complete and utter chaos — and make for incredible reality TV, per Bravo TV.

Whether it's Kyle Cooke going way too far and ending the night in the kitchen causing mayhem, or Lindsay Hubbard "activating" and lashing out at her housemates in fits of rage: Something is always going down and it's always out of control, per Entertainment Tonight. Now that Bravo has finally decided to give fans a second season of "Winter House," another round of the additional Craig Conover/Austen Kroll chaos is guaranteed to escalate quickly. With only the premiere episode out, it already has. If Season 2's promo clip is anything to go by, things get wilder and wilder throughout the season. Still, only one episode in, and the crew have already given us countless mind-boggling, eye-widening moments to think about, per Bravo TV.

Craig Conover and Ciara Miller's multiple clashes

With Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover finally being official, their time in the cabin was guaranteed to get interesting, per People. But what no one could have predicted was how his relationship with DeSorbo's bestie, Ciara Miller, would play out. After all, the duo initially had it made as Miller was also dating Conover's bestie Austen Kroll, but when that exploded, tensions seemed to rise between Conover and Miller, per Entertainment Tonight.

Immediately in the very first episode, it's very clear that Miller and Conover's seemingly playful clashing is rubbing DeSorbo the wrong way. Not only is their tension palpable, but it resulted in some of the most chaotic moments of the episode. From a whipped cream food fight to screaming in each other's faces, the first night in the cabin was filled with uncomfortable moments as Conover got a little too carried away drinking and seemed to decide Miller was his victim. A choice which DeSorbo clearly got more and more irritated with the more chaotic it would get. 

DeSorbo even resorted to attacking Conover herself with whipped cream and making it clear that she was choosing Miller's side by saying, "Sorry, that's my friend!" The whipped cream clash was just the start of Conover's chaos though.

Sledding with floaties

If there's one thing that is always a sure thing on "Winter House," it's that they will engage in ridiculous outdoor activities that ensure as much snow is consumed as possible. For the very first episode of Season 2, the activity of choice following snow bikes was to sled down the edge of the cabin using floaties. One of which was a unicorn pool floaties. Yes.

While they continue crashing into the trees surrounding them, Amanda Batula, Ciara Miller and Paige DeSorbo aptly narrate the chaotic moment by explaining, "Honestly we make relationships too complicated, there's not much it takes to make them happy," to which DeSorbo adds, "That and a blow job is all they need to make them happy." Of course, this is all before the ladies decide to join in anyway and end up immediately crashing right into a tree. And to think this is all before the drinking of the evening has even begun.

Luke Gulbranson spills the tea on almost kicking out Austen Kroll and Craig Conover

Now, it was immediately clear from one of the very first scenes of the premiere episode that Luke Gulbranson and Craig Conover had beef. The second Gulbranson arrived, Conover immediately backed up and tried to avoid having to say hello to him. Now, within the Bravo universe, one would assume this means some social media arguing or shade has gone down. Well, Conover and Gulbranson revealed it was a lot more chaotic and explosive than that — literally. 

With a back-and-forth scene of two very different versions of the story, Conover and Gulbranson revealed that during a recent trip where Austen Kroll and Conover visited and stayed with Gulbranson for the Fourth of July, sparks flew. 

It turns out, the always chaotic Kroll and Conover came across a box of fireworks that Gulbranson was storing in the cabin he hosted them in (via Vulture). Naturally, it occurred to them to immediately take said fireworks and light them up. As if that weren't chaotic enough, Gulbranson revealed that they set them off right next to his boat. Gulbranson apparently almost kicked them out, and the tensions between the two will never be the same. In fact, it's likely to only further brew over the course of the season and reach an alcohol-fueled boiling point. Fireworks are guaranteed to fly. 

Paige DeSorbo reveals her biggest issue with Craig Conover

Well, things have definitely changed since the last "Winter House" season. Back then, Paige DeSorbo was pursuing ex-housemate Andrea Denver and Craig Conover was busy with his girlfriend, per Hollywood Life. Since then, DeSorbo and Conover had a rocky beginning but are now officially official. Fans couldn't wait to see how the pair's relationship would play out — especially with so many extra factors at play. During a chaotic game that is actually impossible to ignore, DeSorbo opened up to newcomer Jessica Stocker about her biggest concern when it comes to Conover. It's something fans have all seen coming for quite some time. 

While screaming and drunken madness continued around them in the first episode of "Winter House" Season 2, DeSorbo revealed to Stocker, "Sometimes he can't read the room and just... zip it." All set to the iconic Bravo editors flashing back and forth to moments of Conover simultaneously drunkenly ranting and making zero sense. God bless all of the gold that comes out of those editing rooms.

Again, Craig Conover clashes with a housemate

If one thing was immediately clear from the premiere episode of "Winter House" Season 2, it's that Craig Conover is guaranteed to be the main source of drama. This is funny considering he played such a calm background role throughout the first season when he was preoccupied with his relationship outside of the house, per Distractify.

Essentially, the entire first episode of "Winter House" Season 2 consisted of Conover clashing with someone — girlfriend Paige DeSorbo included. However, it all reached a boiling point when a confusing drinking game sent him over the edge. While Amanda Batula attempted to wrap up the game, Conover consistently interrupted her and accused her of failing to run the game right. DeSorbo looked visually bothered by the interaction, while Batula full-on shouted back at him. The chaos was unstoppable, as everyone in the cabin, Ciara Miller included, tried to shut him up. 

DeSorbo took it silently with an irritated look on her face but opened up in the confessional by sharing, "Craig is crazy. I consider myself a very easygoing person, but there is one thing that I just will not stand for and that's my boyfriend yelling at my very close friends. It just feels icky to me." Before continuing to open up to Jessica Stocker, DeSorbo said, "He literally just doesn't know when to shut up." Oh, DeSorbo, if only you knew all of the chaotic Conover moments to come over the course of this trip. Sighs.