Times 1000-Lb. Sisters Star Tammy Slaton Has Been In Legal Trouble

Say what you will about them, but Tammy and Amy Slaton, of TLC's "1000-Lb. Sisters," know how to keep fans invested. Since the hit show's beginnings, the YouTubers-turned-reality-TV-stars have been bringing viewers along on their weight-loss journeys, for better and worse. While the plucky siblings have each had their share of bumps and hurdles to get over, it's undoubtedly Tammy who has drawn the most concern from fans.

Ever since the first episode debuted, Tammy has been painted as the problem child. Her incredible weight-loss transformation has since shattered that depiction, but she truly struggled with losing weight for years. The first season of "1000-Lb. Sisters" saw Tammy needing to move in with her sister and brother-in-law so they could help her do everyday tasks. By the Season 4 premiere,  Tammy's increasing weight had led to her being checked into a rehabilitation center. 

We've witnessed Tammy go through trial after trial onscreen, but she's been embroiled in battles behind the scenes, too. These tribulations have nothing to do with losing weight, however. Off-camera, the elder Slaton sister has been caught up in a number of legal scandals, including an arrest for drug possession and accusations of copyright infringement, that have left her fans in shock (and even turned some against her). 

She ran into some issues with copyright law

TLC clearly knew that the Slaton sisters would make for great reality TV. The duo is genuinely funny; not an episode goes by without one of them making a memeable quip or two, from "sodies" to paying their bills. Clearly, the opportunity to cash in was there and Tammy Slaton did exactly that when she launched an official merch storefront around 2021. The store was run in partnership with someone named Quincy. While the idea sounds good on paper, it looks like neither Tammy nor Quincy brushed up on copyright law before beginning their business venture. 

As a result, the pair soon became entangled in legal drama when fans noticed that Tammy's products were littered with "borrowed" art. A YouTuber named Backwoods Barbi made a video detailing the messy merch situation. She also reached out to Ponychops, the artist behind some of the allegedly stolen art. As seen in their message screenshots, Ponychops confirmed that Quincy was indeed selling products featuring her artwork without asking for permission and even got angry when she called him out on it. 

A screenshot of one of Quincy's Instagram Stories from that time also appears to verify that he did get a bit heated after being accused of theft. In the Story, Quincy declared that artists who draw Tammy usually ask for a follow or attention from the TLC star instead of payment. After facing a wave of backlash on social media, Tammy and Quincy shut down their online store.

Tammy was also arrested for marijuana possession

Tammy Slaton had an incredibly difficult 2023, by all accounts. The TV personality lost her husband, Caleb Willingham, in June. It had been less than a year since the couple married. The loss devastated Tammy, and she would later share a touching tribute to her late husband. "Rip sweet angel you will forever be missed and loved so much," she wrote. "[T]hank you Caleb for showing me real love and happiness." 

Worse still, Tammy felt disrespected by TLC's depiction of her husband's funeral. Shortly thereafter, on August 4, Tammy had a run-in with the law and was ultimately arrested. According to police reports obtained by Radar Online, Tammy was in the passenger seat of a speeding vehicle when they were pulled over. The authorities noted the strong scent of marijuana, which prompted Tammy to admit she had the illegal substance hidden inside a glass jar in her purse. 

It doesn't appear that Tammy's on her way to the big house at the time of writing, though. Her case has been pushed back for six months following her completion of a Marijuana Education Program. As long as Tammy doesn't get into any more legal trouble during that period, the reality star won't be charged.