Inside Jaden Smith's Rumored Relationship History

When it comes to drama, few celeb dynasties have generated as many headlines, and often ridicule, as the Pinkett-Smith family. Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith are renowned for oversharing every facet of their tumultuous relationship, from the infamous "entanglement" sit-down interview to Jada's 2023 admission that they've actually been separated since 2016. And the quirky apple doesn't fall too far from the (family) tree. The couple's son, Jaden, became a living meme generator following his X (then known as Twitter) debut as a teen. His humorous philosophical quotations, written in his quintessential Jaden typeface (capitalizing the first letter of every word), turned the nepo baby into a star.

Much like his online musings have spawned intrigue, his personal life has also been the subject of considerable talk. But unlike his oversharing parents, he's hesitated to spill the deets on these alleged encounters. A self-described misfit, Jaden is the first to admit that he's never felt like he fit into conventional society, which perhaps explains his reticence when discussing his private life. "You know, when I was young I always ... felt like people didn't want to hang out with me," he told i-D in 2021. He added, "Or people would think I'm weird; or that these people were treating me weird and I didn't understand that." 

Though he's still in his 20s, the actor and musician has been romantically linked to a number of high-profile figures throughout the years. Let's unpack Jaden Smith's rumored relationship history.

Kylie Jenner

Long before Kylie Jenner's alleged romance with Timothée Chalamet flooded social media with memes, she was linked to Jaden Smith. The reality star and business magnate is believed to have been Smith's first girlfriend, with the pair's alleged relationship dating back to 2013 when they were both teenagers. In an interview with Wonderland Magazine that year, Smith was asked about his most recent café date with the it-girl, but he stopped short of confirming their romance. "We were all hanging out," he explained. "Then I went to New York and she came too, and then she came here and surprised me, so that's pretty baller. She's one of my best friends. It's pretty awesome."

There was further speculation about the nature of their relationship when actor Lincoln Lewis dubbed Jenner "Jaden's missus" during an Australian radio interview. However, in a sit-down with Seventeen that December, Jenner said that she was single and looking for love. But she added that she was keen on taking Smith to her high school prom. "If I couldn't find a boyfriend, I would want to go with one of my best guy friends, like Jaden [Smith]," she revealed. "I know I'd have fun with him—he makes me laugh and he is a great dancer."

In 2015, Jenner was once again linked to Smith following her split from rapper Tyga. A source told E! that Smith may have been responsible for the breakup, as Tyga grew jealous of his relationship with Jenner.

Amandla Stenberg

Following his reported romance with Kylie Jenner, Jaden Smith was linked to "The Hunger Games" star Amandla Stenberg, whom she had met through her friendship with his sister Willow. The pair went to prom together in 2015, with Stenberg sharing a since-deleted Insta snap of Smith wearing a dress for the occasion. 

In an interview with Dazed, she praised Smith for challenging stereotypical gender norms. "Guys aren't allowed to express femininity; they have to always appear masculine and that's bulls***," she said. "I love it when guys can be feminine and express their emotions and creativity; it shows strength." However, Stenberg didn't elaborate on the nature of her relationship with Smith, making her another rumored former flame.

Later that year, Smith was caught in a feud between Stenberg and his alleged ex Kylie Jenner. Stenberg took issue with Jenner appropriating Black culture by posting a photo of herself with cornrows on Instagram (via Hollywood Life), commenting, "When u appropriate black features and culture but fail to use ur position of power to help black Americans by directing attention towards ur wigs instead of police brutality or racism." Jenner retaliated by commenting that Stenberg should "go hang" with Smith, who, sources claimed, felt pressured to take sides. 

Sarah Snyder

Following his apparently brief rendezvous with Amandla Stenberg, Jaden Smith was spotted holding hands with a mystery girl in New York in the summer of 2015. The young lady was later revealed to be model Sarah Snyder. Snyder has somewhat of a controversial past. In June 2015, she was accused of stealing a $15,995 Hermes Birkin handbag from a New York consignment store and was briefly jailed. However, the charges were eventually dropped.

Evidently, Snyder's past legal issues were no problem for Smith. Soon, the pair were spotted kissing and cuddling at New York Fashion Week. The loved-up duo continued with their PDA into the new year; they celebrated Valentine's Day with a sweet display at the Hood Air Fall 2016 fashion show. Holding two red roses, presumably gifted by her beau, Snyder sat on Smith's lap and packed on the smooches during the runway show. The trendy couple was praised for serving stylish looks on their subsequent dates.

After nearly two years together, the pair parted ways in the spring of 2017. Speaking to Us Weekly, a source claimed that the two drifted apart over a lack of mutual interests. However, another insider alleged to Hollywood Life that Smith broke Snyder's heart. "They were both so young to be getting so involved," the source dished, "and Jaden decided to end it before they got in any deeper. Sarah was pushing for an engagement and Jaden was just freaked out by that."

Odessa Adlon

By April 2017, Jaden Smith had found new love with Odessa Adlon, the daughter of Pamela Adlon, aka Bobby from "King of the Hill." Ever a PDA lover, Smith was spotted smooching his girl on a Florida beach. As with Sarah Snyder, Adlon held a red rose as she cuddled up to her boyfriend. The couple made their red carpet debut that September, attending the premiere of the series "Better Things," which was created by Adlon's mom.

He may have struggled to find shared interests with Snyder, but Smith had moved on to a paramour who appeared the perfect match for his quirky aesthetic. In October 2017, the pair both donned kooky fits on a coffee date. While Smith sported oversized colorful jeans and a newly shaved head, Adlon draped a Tinky Winky handbag over her shoulder, paired with a '90s style cropped shirt and oversized jeans to match her beau.

During an episode of "Red Table Talk" (via W Magazine) in June 2018, Smith's mom, Jada Pinkett Smith, hinted that she wasn't too happy with the girls that her son brings home, though she stopped short of naming Adlon. "Your kids aren't always going to date people that you love," she confessed. "But I've learned that you really have to just be there and support because that can create a conflict that you can't get around." The couple reportedly split in 2019, after Smith was seen "kissing a pale, dark-haired girl" at Coachella, per Us Weekly sources.

Tyler, the Creator

Jaden Smith has long been hailed as an LGBTQ+ icon for defying conventional gender norms. Though Smith hasn't confirmed whether he himself is part of the LGBTQ+ community, one thing is clear: He's been crushing on Tyler, the Creator for a long time. Back in 2015, he declared his love for the rapper on X. "I Think I'm In Love With You," he wrote to the "Flower Boy" singer. "I Don't Know I'm Still Figuring It Out But In The Meantime, Happy Birthday."

In November 2018, Smith claimed that he and the rapper were an item. "I just wanna say Tyler, the Creator is the best friend in the world and I love him so f***ing much, and I wanna tell you guys something," he told the crowd during an appearance at Camp Flog Naw (via The Independent). "Tyler doesn't wanna say, but Tyler is my motherf***ing boyfriend ... It's true! Tyler is my boyfriend." He then took to X to double down on his claims, though Tyler responded, joking that Smith was crazy. On his radio show MSFTS Frequency (via USA Today), Smith once again reiterated that he and Tyler were an item. "I recently said that Tyler, the Creator is my boyfriend and that's true, so, just so you know," he declared.

Though Tyler hasn't commented on the alleged relationship, he later told Fantastic Man that he requested NSFW pics from Smith (though he apparently requests them from all his male friends).

Sofia Richie

After splitting from Scott Disick, Sofia Richie was spotted frolicking on the beach with Jaden Smith in September 2020. An eagle-eyed observer told Us Weekly that they saw the pair getting super loved up. "They were laughing and joking and looked very intimate," the source revealed. "Sofia sat on the sand with her arms around Jaden, hugging him tightly, after they cooled off with a dip in the ocean. They only had eyes for each other." 

Another source spilled the tea to E!, claiming that Smith and Richie were getting very flirty on their apparent beach date before heading off for dinner and then spending the night together at a friend's house. "Sofia was in a great mood and never stopped smiling," the insider alleged. "She seems to be having a lot of fun and is very happy."

However, during an appearance on "On Air with Ryan Seacrest," Smith denied that he and Richie were an item. "I actually don't look at the internet, so I didn't see that," Smith said regarding the flirty beach snaps. "But, me and Sophia have been friends for like 10 years. We've been going to the beach pretty consistently for 10 years too. But, yeah, we're just homies and we love each other and it was fun." Though these two were supposedly getting super close — and undeniably would have made an iconic nepo baby couple — it seems we'll never truly know whether they were lovers or just besties.

Cara Delevingne

British model and 2010s it-girl Cara Delevingne has an impressive love life resume; her famous exes include indie darling St. Vincent, aka Annie Clark, and "Pretty Little Liars" alum Ashley Benson. She was also linked to Jaden Smith, with the stylish twosome making quite the fashionista power couple (if those dating rumors are indeed true).

Although Smith and Delevingne have been friends since around 2017, they were first linked romantically after starring in the 2020 film "Life in a Year," in which they played a couple facing a devastating diagnosis. In a Zoom interview with Entertainment Weekly, the two stars heaped praise on one another. Delevingne recalled how the pair had to shave each other's heads for their roles and Smith gifted her one of his dreads (Seth Rogen was previously a recipient of this honor). "Oh my god, I feel so special. Me and Seth!" remarked the model. She also conceded that she had such a great time filming the movie with Smith that she didn't want it to end.

In 2021, the pair spent Valentine's Day together and were spotted kissing during a restaurant date in West Hollywood. Jaden also handed his rumored girlfriend a giant bouquet of roses. The smooching snaps led to fans shipping the alleged couple, though, as The Cut notes, Delevingne does have a tendency to be physically affectionate with her pals. As such, she and Smith may have been little more than kissing co-stars.

Sab Zada

Most recently, Jaden Smith has been linked to influencer Sab Zada. They were first photographed together in September 2020, shortly after Smith refuted claims that he was dating Sofia Richie. Zada is reportedly friends with Richie. The masked duo were spotted on a post-lockdown movie night date, holding hands as they waltzed through Los Angeles.

In 2022, the couple spent Valentine's Day together in Disneyland, with Smith seen draping his arms around his lady love. Two days later, Zada shared a beaming selfie on Instagram, in which she posed by a large bouquet of roses. Red roses are presumably hopeless romantic Smith's MO, proving that he really is the fresh prince of Gen-Z. "Cue 'love me like you do,'" Zada captioned the post. That May, Zada seemingly alluded to the relationship on X, writing, "You stole my heart before anyone knew you had it."

Whereas many of Smith's other rumored romances appeared to be fleeting flings, Zada has reportedly been a supportive presence in her beau's life. According to sources who chatted with Us Weekly, Zada comforted Smith throughout his father's Oscars ceremony slap controversy. "They're very much in love and talk about everything," the source explained. "He has shared his feelings about his father's difficult situation with her and she has been nothing but supportive and loving and there for him." It seems as though the couple are still going strong, having been spotted on a PDA-filled beach date in August 2023.