Meet David And Victoria Beckham's 4 Kids

Legendary soccer star David Beckham and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham have been married for 24 years. The footballer and the fashion designer met in 1997, were engaged in 1998,and started their big, loving family in 1999. The Beckhams' fame has hardly slowed down since the '90s, with Victoria's eponymously named fashion line a roaring success and David's life and career the subject of the Netflix documentary "BECKHAM." Plus, the couple has always been a paparazzi favorite, with their incredible good looks and always fresh fits.

It turns out David and Victoria's children are pretty impressive as well. Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper are each doing interesting things with their lives and making their parents proud. "From playing sport to lounging on the sofa, each of my children fill every second with laughter, music and discussion ... I feel incredibly blessed to be surrounded by these phenomenal human beings," Victoria wrote in a 2015 piece for Time. Read on to find out more about David and Victoria Beckham's four children.

Brooklyn Beckham had a normal childhood (sort of)

Brooklyn Joseph Beckham was born on March 4, 1999. Victoria and David Beckham's first child was born in London, England, and family friend Elton John was named as the baby's godfather. Coming from such posh beginnings, it seemed as though Brooklyn was destined for stardom. But his parents were careful to keep him out of the spotlight, wanting him to have as much of a normal childhood as possible.

Brooklyn even had a regular job as a teenager. "Much to his dismay, we packed him off to the French café and he works there every Saturday and Sunday for a few hours and gets his own pocket money," David Beckham told James Cordon during an interview on "The Late Late Show" (via People).

Like his dad, Brooklyn got into soccer as a kid, but it wasn't his passion. He was let go from the youth team before he was 16 years old, and tried his hand at modeling instead. Brooklyn made his debut on the cover of the Spring/Summer 2014 issue of Man About Town (via E! News), went on to grace the cover of Dazed Korea, and landed campaigns for Superdry and Huawei. But Brooklyn found that his real passion was behind the camera. The eldest Beckham child studied photography at Parson's School of Design and released a photography book called "What I See" at just 18 years old.

Brooklyn Beckham is happily married and loves to cook

Now, at the age of 24, Brooklyn Beckham's life has taken a bit of a domestic turn. After dating Chole Grace Moretz, and Sofia Richie, Brooklyn finally found his true love in actress and heiress Nicola Peltz. The couple were married in April of 2020 in a lavish Palm Beach ceremony. The Peltz Beckhams are far from shy about their love, often posting cutesy pics on Instagram, (via People). And as for Brooklyn's many tattoos, 70 of them are dedicated to his wife. 

Brooklyn has recently taken to sharing his other passion with the world: cooking. The eldest Beckham child told Insider that he credits his dad with his penchant for the culinary arts. "Growing up, my dad has always loved being in the kitchen," Brooklyn said, adding that the two would often have cooking competitions. Now Brooklyn shares his talents on "Cookin' with Brooklyn," and has gotten some tips from famed Beckham family friend Gordon Ramsay. "He taught me how to make beef wellington," Brooklyn told the outlet.

While Brooklyn has faced his fair share of criticism over his cooking, he has not let the haters deter him. Plus, he has the support of an iconic fan, Snoop Dogg. "The advice he's given me is, 'Do your thing. As long as you're happy and work hard, that's all that matters,'" Brooklyn told Insider in another article.

Romeo Beckham is thriving despite health issues

David and Victoria Beckham welcomed their second son, Romeo James Beckham, on September 1, 2001. As a toddler, Romeo experienced some scary health issues for which he was hospitalized. In October of 2005, it was reported that he had experienced convulsions, but the Beckhams wanted to keep the cause of Romeo's health concerns private. It was later revealed that he had been diagnosed with epilepsy, a condition that can be exacerbated by flashing lights. Per People, the paparazzi agreed to stop photographing young Romeo upon learning of his diagnosis.

But epilepsy did not stop Romeo from having a busy childhood, complete with high-profile modeling gigs. Romeo, who definitely inherited his parents' beauty genes, was the face of a Burberry Kids campaign at 10 years old, and graced the cover of L'Oumo Vogue's Generation Issue as a teenager. Like his older brother, Romeo also gave soccer a try but quit at age 13 to play tennis instead. "He's happy, you know, hitting a ball around, and he plays four or five times a week and he enjoys himself," David Beckham said of his son in a 2016 interview with ATP Tour.

Romeo Beckham is following in his dad's footsteps

Although Romeo Beckham initially gave up soccer in favor of tennis, he eventually came back around and rejoined the sport in his late teens. Since then, he has proven to be a truly talented player, which should come as no surprise given his dad is soccer legend David Beckham.

In 2021, Romeo joined the Fort Lauderdale CF at age 19, officially becoming a pro soccer player. "Romeo has been training with the team over here every day, because ultimately that's what he wants to do," Victoria Beckham said in an interview with British Vogue at the time. Fort Lauderdale CF is the sister club of Inter Miami CF which is co-owned by David Beckham, but Romeo is no nepotism baby. His skills on the field have taken him far on his own merits. In June 2023, he signed a one-year contract with Brentford, a Premier League team, and he has proven himself to be an asset to the team. "He's been fantastic for the group," Brentford coach Neil MacFarlane said on the team's website.

Romeo, who is now 21, also finds time to have fun off the field. He has been dating model Mia Regan since 2019, and the two appear to still be going strong. The pair have been spotted together over the years everywhere from the British Fashion Awards (via People) to the 2023 Glastonbury Festival, per Instagram.

Cruz Beckham was a natural on stage

On February 20, 2005, David and Victoria Beckham welcomed yet another son into their family, Cruz David Beckham. Cruz was born in Spain, as dad David Beckham was playing for Madrid at the time, but the family soon relocated to Los Angeles. Cruz proved he had star power at age 3 when he showed off his breakdancing moves (via YouTube) on stage with his mom at Madison Square Garden. Yep, the youngest Beckham boy stole the show with his flips and poses, which was no small feat since he was sharing the stage with the Spice Girls and all of their children!

Cleary, Cruz had taken after his pop legend mom, and he began making music himself at age 11. In 2016, he debuted his first single, "If Every Day Was Christmas," (via YouTube) the proceeds of which went to the children's charity "Make Some Noise." Now 18 years old, Cruz plays guitar, mandolin, drums, and piano, and has been recording his own music with producers such as Poo Bear. While his career is still fledgling, Cruz is following his passion. He told i-D in 2022 that his focus was on "just making the music I love."

Cruz Beckham got some modeling help from his mom

Like his siblings, Cruz Beckham just couldn't escape the genetic fate of being very good-looking. He tried his hand at modeling, appearing on the cover of i-D wearing little more than a pair of white boxers, his hair cut short and dyed pink. Cruz, who was 17 at the time, sounded super excited to appear in the magazine, telling People, "It was one of my first ever shoots — a proper shoot!"

But it wasn't the first time Cruz had posed for the camera. "Every holiday we go on, my mum takes hundreds of pictures!" he said. "It's really annoying ... but I think that's taught me quite a lot!" Aside from his professional endeavors, Cruz seems to have a special bond with his mom, Victoria Beckham. In September 2023, the youngest Beckham brother showed off a fresh tattoo honoring his mother's pop star status. Cruz got the word "Posh," after his mom's Spice Girls moniker, Posh Spice, inked on his arm below his elbow, per People.

Harper Beckham has some athletic hobbies

On July 10, 2011, David and Victoria Beckham welcomed their fourth child and first daughter, Harper Seven Beckham. Harper got her unique name because, as David explained on Facebook, (via On Demand Entertainment on YouTube), "Victoria's favorite book is 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' and the author was Harper Lee." As for the middle name Seven, David went on to say, "Seven wonders of the world, seven colors of the rainbow, and in many cultures around the world it's regarded as a lucky number."

The little girl with the cool name has some cool hobbies as well. Harper is trained in the martial art of judo, per David Beckham's Instagram. She also likes horseback riding, and, naturally, she plays soccer too. Her dad posted an Instagram video of his little gitl on the soccer field in 2020, captioning it, "Bend it like Harper (BECKHAM)." No matter which sport the 12-year-old ends up pursuing, we have a feeling she will excel. It runs in the family, after all.

Harper Beckham doesn't approve of her mom's Spice Girls style

In addition to Harper Beckham's athletic activities, she seems to have fun being a girly girl as well. In September 2023, the entire Beckham family showed up to support Victoria Beckham's fashion line at Paris Fashion Week. Ahead of the event, Harper gave her dad some last-minute makeup help, which he captured in a sweet video he posted to Instagram. Harper appears to have inherited her mom's style too, as she was dressed in a simple pink dress with her long hair pulled back into a chic ponytail.

But Harper hasn't always approved of her mom's fashion choices, especially during Victoria's Spice Girls days. "She actually said to me recently, 'Mummy, I've seen some pictures of you when you were in the Spice Girls and your skirts were just unacceptable. They were just too short,'" the designer told Vogue Australia in 2022.

While Harper is still young, her parents are understandably very protective of her. "[She's] at that age where her body is going to start changing, but it's about making sure that we communicate a lot as a family," Victoria said. The Beckham bunch seems to be super tight-knit and loving, and Harper surely has a bright future ahead of her.