General Hospital Star Chad Duell's Girlfriend Hits Back At Critics Of Her Parenting

Although Chad Duell is one half of the insufferable couple Michael Corinthos and Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) on "General Hospital," his real life is far more pleasant. On September 5, Duell announced on Instagram the happy news that he and his girlfriend Luana Lucci welcomed their baby Dawson into the world

When stars share happy news like this with their fans, it should be a joyous occasion, but there are some disgruntled people who just can't be happy for anyone. Such is the case for Lucci, who addressed some nasty social media comments on an October 26 Instagram post. The Brazilian model and flight attendant shared a photo of her enjoying the beach, along with several snaps of her snuggling with Dawson.

She responded to upsetting direct messages and comments by social media "trolls" by stating, "It's disheartening to read messages suggesting that 'I birth my son and never spend time with him,' or that I'm 'constantly going out.' " The infuriated new mother continued, "Comments like 'Poor Chad, it seems he is the only one holding him and taking care of him ...' are nothing short of judgmental and unfair." 

She explained that Dawson doesn't like sleeping, so not only is she with him all day while Duell works at the sudser, but she's also up all night with the child as well. "He's in my arms 24/7," she explained, emphasizing, "I AM THE ONE BEHIND EVERY CUTE VIDEO YOU SEE."

Lucci: A post is just a slice of someone's life

"General Hospital" star Chad Duell's justifiably angered girlfriend Luana Lucci continued her Instagram post by explaining that the account is her personal one. "I choose to share only a small glimpse of my life. Shaming a mother because she also wants to have some time to herself is not only unfair but also ridiculous," she said.

She expressed how much she loves and appreciates baby Dawson, adding, "but I also deserve moments of personal time and a life beyond motherhood." She further explained that posts on social media platforms are merely a slice of one's life, not the entire story. "So, before jumping to conclusions or passing judgment, let's practice kindness and empathy," she said.

Her fans came out in full force to defend her, as one wrote, "You don't need to explain yourself to anyone." The fans completely understood Lucci's point of view. "These people only want attention. Don't give it to them! If people don't understand that social media isn't a 24/7 account of your life then leave them to their ignorance," one commented.

All throughout the posts, people supported her with many theorizing that those who post negative comments are taking time from their own lives to do so, and have no business judging her. "You and all mothers out there deserve a little away time. It's normal and completely great for mental health," another said.