How Many Times Did Hope Marry Liam On The Bold And The Beautiful?

Soap opera relationships are known for being complicated, and no coupling is more chaotic than Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton). Despite the love that they clearly have for each other, there always seems to be another obstacle in the way for Liam and Hope, and that shows in the number of times they've tried to get married versus the number of times they've actually been married.

Hope (then Kim Matula) first met Liam in 2010 and the sparks immediately started flying. They fell in love, but then Liam met Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) after rescuing her from a near-death experience. This started the love triangle to end all love triangles. 

Despite all of the broken engagements and weddings that were interrupted, Hope and Liam managed to make it through three weddings successfully. However, as is par for the course for them, they didn't come without their fair share of drama.

Hope Logan and Liam Spencer first married in Italy

Hope Logan and Liam Spencer's first official wedding was in June 2012. After an initial failed attempt at marriage that ended with Steffy Forrester crashing the wedding, the couple planned a destination ceremony in Puglia, Italy. However, the couple still faced some major obstacles this time around. 

Liam's father Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) schemed to keep Liam away from Hope, manipulating Liam and Steffy into getting back together. When that didn't work, he got Hope's father Deacon (Sean Kanan) out of jail to surprise Hope before her wedding, hoping it would delay her. He also delivered a note to Liam that looked like it was from Hope saying she didn't want to marry him. Despite all of that, Hope and Liam managed to tie the knot.

When they returned to Los Angeles, the marriage was ruled invalid since they wed outside of the country. After seeing a video of Liam kissing Steffy, Hope wanted to re-do their wedding in the United States but balked when Liam was caught cheating with Steffy again. Upon finding out that Steffy was pregnant with his child, Liam moved on from Hope so that he could be a committed father. Hope and Liam's marriage ended, but the love triangle didn't.

Liam Spencer and Hope Logan tied the knot at home

Hope Logan and Liam Spencer married again in 2018 when Steffy Forrester broke up with Liam after finding out Hope was pregnant with his child. Hope didn't want to break up Steffy and Liam, but upon finding out the news, he wanted to reunite with Hope. She was still reluctant until Steffy finally gave them her blessing and proposed on behalf of Liam, effectively reuniting the two. 

Liam and Hope got married at the Forrester mansion in a small ceremony, and Hope finally agreed to make peace with Steffy so that they could end the feud between their families. However, this marriage didn't last either; in 2019, Hope could see that it would be better for everyone if Liam was with Steffy and they raised their children together. Hope divorced Liam and took up with Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson).

Hope and Liam married once again in 2020 in a simple, unplanned ceremony. Thomas was originally meant to marry Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) at the time, but when Hope crashed the wedding, he dumped Zoe for Hope. At that point, Liam and Steffy partnered with Hope to reveal Thomas's schemes to get Hope back.

Once Thomas vacated the scene, Liam and Hope held a small ceremony where they avowed their love for each other. Determined to make this work, they stayed together for three years until their relationship started to fall apart in 2023. Hope found herself drawn to Thomas, and Liam fell back to Steffy. They divorced soon after.