The Bold And The Beautiful Star Matthew Perry Once Dated

The world is still in absolute shock over the news that beloved actor Matthew Perry has died. The "Friends" star died in his Los Angeles home on Oct. 28, 2023, at the age of 54. According to TMZ, foul play has been ruled out as the actor apparently drowned in his jacuzzi. That morning, Perry spent two hours playing pickleball. He then sent his assistant out to run errands for him and when she returned several hours later, the actor was found unresponsive.

Perry, who was best known for his role as Chandler Bing on the massive hit sitcom "Friends," made plenty of headlines for the things he did off-screen as well as the work he did on-screen. Perry's last Instagram post has taken on a whole new meaning after his death while the comments he made about his "Friends" co-stars and the one last wish he had for them are certainly giving his fans a reason to wipe away tears the morning after this death.

And while Perry had plenty of friendships and relationships over the years, little do some daytime television fans know that he had actually dated a longtime star of "The Bold and the Beautiful." Perry dated Maeve Quinlan during the height of his fame.

Matthew Perry and soap star Maeve Quinlan were a couple in 2002

While the fictional Joey Tribianni (Matt LeBlanc) is perhaps the most famous soap opera actor to have ever lived next door to Monica Gellar's (Courteney Cox) spacious and purple New York City apartment, Matt LeBlanc had actually dated a daytime television star in real life, too. 

According to Us Weekly, things got pretty serious between Perry and "The Bold and the Beautiful" star Maeve Quinlan. Even though Perry had notable flings with the likes of Julia Roberts and Lauren Graham, his relationship with Quinlan was a pretty serious one from 2002 to 2003. 

Quinlan, who starred as Megan Conley on "The Bold and the Beautiful" for well over a decade, has never really made any comments about her romance with Perry. The two of them broke up quietly, the same way that they dated, as they had kept the details of their relationship under wraps.

Perry told People back in October 2022 that he was the one who usually ended his relationships due to his own fears about love. "I manifest something that's wrong with them, and then I break up with them. But there can't be something wrong with everyone. I'm the common denominator," he said. "I left first because I thought they were going to annihilate me."