How Matthew Perry Really Felt About His Ex-Flame, Gilmore Girls' Lauren Graham

Of all the comfort shows that folks rewatch when they need a pick-me-up, "Friends" and "Gilmore Girls" have to be two of the all-time fan favorites. And, as it turns out, the stars of these two beloved series were just as much fans of each other as folks are of them. As more details come out about Matthew Perry's untimely death, plenty of stars are speaking out about how much love they have for the late actor and how shocked and saddened they've been by his passing. Among the friends, fans, and family speaking on his death with heartbreaking messages, some of Perry's old flames have shared condolences, as well, proving that he really was loved by so many who knew him. 

Two days after Perry's death, one of his "almost" ex-girlfriends and closest friends has yet to comment publicly on the tragic news, and this may be because of just how close the pair really was. Many fans of "Gilmore Girls" will be surprised to discover that Perry called its star, Lauren Graham, "one of my favorite people," and it seems that the feeling was mutual, per HITC

In a 2016 piece for the Daily Mail, Graham reminisced about being single throughout the success of "Gilmore Girls" and attending events alone. She wrote, "The only bright spot, men-wise, was at an event where I met Matthew Perry. He became my Friend Who I Almost But Never Exactly Dated." They remained friends for the rest of his life. 

Matthew Perry and Lauren Graham always supported each other

Rumors first swirled about a possible romance between Matthew Perry and Lauren Graham in 2003. Though the public doesn't know what exactly transpired at the time, their close friendship persisted. Five years later in 2008, they starred together in the indie film, "Birds of America." They went on to play a married couple in Perry's sitcom, "The Odd Couple" in 2015. In a Q&A session about the series, Perry explained that he and Graham "have great chemistry when working together, and it's fun to work with a close friend" (via Life&Style).

In 2022, Graham reposted a video Perry shared on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, promoting the release of his memoir, "Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing." Graham added the caption, "Happy, happy pub day, @MatthewPerry!" with heart emojis and a four-leaf clover for good luck. This pair supported each other long after they first met, and while their close relationship likely makes this loss difficult for Graham, the friends shared plenty of happy memories to reminisce about during this heartbreaking time. 

Perry even gave Graham a shout out in his book

Matthew Perry did not hide his close friendship and bond with Lauren Graham. In his memoir, he included a section of photos. Some were of his real-life family, some were of his "Friends" family, and others were of his good friends. The "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist" actor was featured in that section of the book as well, most likely due to their strong friendship. According to the New York Post, the photo of Perry and Graham depicted the two of them with Graham's head on the "Friends" actor's shoulder. It was captioned, "Me and the beautiful Lauren Graham."

There was evidence of Graham and Perry's good friendship when they interacted. While at the Sundance Film Festival for their movie "Birds of America," the duo was interviewed by The Fuse and shared many laughs. There was even a portion of the interview where Graham laughed and put her head on Perry's arm, similar to that sweet photo in his book.

The truth about Perry's relationship with Graham is that they truly cared about each other. Like Perry's bond with his "Friends" castmates, his and Graham's friendship transcended a mere professional collaboration.