What Melania Begs Trump Not To Do On The Campaign Stage

Despite being indicted four times for a total of 91 felony charges, former president Donald Trump is still actively running to be the Republican nominee for president. He is making the occasional appearance at the ongoing trial about his business dealings in New York, but otherwise, he's frequently out campaigning.

While Melania has reportedly been helping Donald stay centered amid his legal woes, she's very much stayed out of the campaign trail this time around. And Melania's absences from the campaign have definitely been noticed. But even though Melania hasn't been seen by her husband's side as he campaigns, she's definitely still paying attention to what he's doing. In fact, she has her thoughts on what he should, and shouldn't, be doing.

Donald's recent speech in Sioux City, Iowa, was over an hour. During the speech, he talked about a range of topics from the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico to transgender athletes. Donald revealed Melania didn't like him telling the stories about trans women competing in sports, specifically weightlifting and swimming. It's not so much the stories that Melania seems to have an issue with, but more so the gestures Donald uses as he tells the stories — he mimes lifting weights and swimming. "Our first lady hates it when I do it ... She says, 'Darling, I love you, but this is not presidential,'" Trump shared

Donald Trump won't stop dancing on stage even if Melania doesn't like it

Donald Trump went on to say that Melania Trump also told him that she doesn't like it when he dances off the stage, again citing it as not very "presidential." Donald's defense of his actions to Melania was, "We got a year to go. Everybody loves us. I love everybody. The country's going to hell in a handbasket. Let's do a little dancing."

Melania may have been referring to Donald's dancing off the stage after a recent campaign speech in New Hampshire. Or it could have been a reference to his repeated, and frequently mocked, dancing to "YMCA" during his 2020 presidential campaign. At the 2023 California GOP fall convention, Donald explained that, while he knew his wife was right about those things not being presidential, he couldn't follow her request to stop. "I said I have a problem because everybody wants it. They are screaming 'Dance, dance, dance,'" Trump shared (via Newsweek).

Melania has also shared her thoughts on Donald's general appearance on television during his campaign speeches, and she's apparently not a fan of the lighting that's used. Donald brought that up at an October 2023 Iowa speech, saying that Melania had told him, "'You didn't look good. Too much light,'" via X, formerly known as Twitter.