David Schwimmer's Ex-Wife Zoe Buckman Crystallizes Matthew Perry's Best Trait In Tender Tribute

As the world comes to terms with Matthew Perry's untimely death, more and more stars are speaking out, sharing their condolences, and mourning the loss of the beloved actor. Most recently, the ex-wife of his "Friends" costar, David Schwimmer, has taken to Instagram to pay her respects. 

Zoe Buckman was married to Schwimmer from 2010 to 2017, and the former couple has one daughter together. As the former wife of a "Friends" cast member, Buckman has a loving perspective on the cast's real-life friendship and Perry as an actor and person. On October 30, Buckman shared a reel of Perry and his co-star Matt LeBlanc on her Instagram story. Over the reel, she wrote, "Hilarious, brilliant actor who made me smile like... SO much," flanked by two broken heart emojis. 

Her caption made a sweet reference to Perry's character, Chandler Bing's iconic cadence, and showed just how broken up she is over the loss. While Schwimmer and the other "Friends" stars are waiting to speak out, Buckman's message gives a glimpse into the thoughts of someone who's very close to the cast. 

The video that Zoe Buckman used in her post speaks volumes

Zoe Buckman's kind words in memory of Matthew Perry certainly resonated with many fans and friends of the star. The Instagram reel she shared with her words, however, had just as much of an impact. The reel was originally posted on the morning of October 30 courtesy of a "Friends" fan Instagram account (@friends__craze). It opens with a clip from "Friends" featuring Joey Tribbiani (played by Matt LeBlanc). In the clip, Joey tells Perry's character, Chandler, "The only thing I'm gonna miss is you." Following that is a series of clips featuring Perry as Chandler smiling and hugging his fellow "Friends" cast members. In the background, the song "See You Again" by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth plays. 

In the two days following Perry's death, his main five "Friends" cast mates hadn't yet spoken publicly about their major loss. Still, it's easy to see how much this cast means to each other. Just a year before his death, Perry opened up to People about how much his cast mates helped him in his battle with addiction. He explained that "they were understanding, and they were patient," adding, "It could be said that [doing the show] saved me."