Inside Vanessa Lengies's Decades-Long Friendship With Hallmark Costar Corey Sevier

We love seeing our favorite Hallmark stars collaborate, but it's an even bigger bonus when their on-screen chemistry originates from real-life friendships. Unexpectedly, there are lots of Hallmark stars who are actually besties behind the scenes, and Corey Sevier and Vanessa Lengies are one of our favorite off-screen pairings.

The two originally met as child actors on the set of the Canadian television series "Lassie," with Sevier starring in the show while Lengies guest appeared on an episode. "We've known each other since we were, I was 12 and [Vanessa was] 10, I think when we first worked together," Sevier told Just Jared, with their original connection spawning a life-long friendship that was rekindled for some special Hallmark holiday films.

As a refresher, Sevier is a Hallmark staple, starring in over 10 made-for-TV movies and appearing on 12 episodes of "Cedar Cove." Outside of the channel, he's been in movies such as "Immortals" and "The Northlander." Meanwhile, Lengies has only appeared in three Hallmark flicks, but has had notable roles in TV shows like "Glee," "Turner and Hooch," and "True Lies."

Sevier and Lengies reconnected for two Hallmark flicks

While Corey Sevier and Vanessa Lengies first met as child actors, the Hallmark stars reconnected for 2020's "Heart of the Holiday," playing high school sweethearts who reunite after Lengies' character returns home from the big city. Then, they worked together on the 2023 movie "Take Me Back for Christmas," which casts them as a husband and wife duo who are separated by a holiday wish with unexpected consequences.

Beyond starring in the movies, Sevier directed both titles, while his wife Kate Pragnell is credited as the writer. When talking with the Loves and Latte Podcast, the "Noel Next Door" star opened up about his decision to cast his long-time friend as the leading lady in "Take Me Back For Christmas." "Vanessa came to mind because of the experience we have working together [and] our friendship for so many years," he explained, adding that his co-star is also a super-talented actor.

In a Just Jared interview, Sevier similarly discussed his experience working with Lengies, mentioning their friendship as important to their on-screen connection. "In both films that we've done together, the characters that we played had history, and that was important. In 'Heart of the Holidays,' it had been a long time [for us], which actually sort of ironically mirrored us in real life," the actor explained, mentioning that work and family took the friends in different directions before they reunited on set. "That was very much a good way to reconnect on 'Heart of the Holidays.'"

Both Hallmark stars think highly of one another

Corey Sevier isn't the only one who thinks his real-life friendship contributed to his on-screen chemistry in the aforementioned holiday flicks. His co-star Vanessa Lengies has echoed this sentiment, explaining in an interview with Slice that all great love stories are rooted in friendship, which gave her and Sevier an upper hand. "Going into this movie, I trusted that Corey and I's friendship would come across to the audience — and that would represent the deep love we have for each other," she said.

Beyond their positive working relationship, Lengies has generally expressed her admiration for her long-time friend. "I think Corey is one of the most wonderful men I have met in my lifetime," she told Just Jared. "I think he's a wonderful friend and actor, and now I know him as a director twice. I know him as a father to his children and a husband to his wife ... he's just an all around good person."

While Sevier and Lengies have starred in two Hallmark holiday movies, we can't wait to see what future projects are in store for these real-life friends.