The Thought Of Losing Matthew Perry Brought Jennifer Aniston To Tears In Resurfaced Interview

Matthew Perry's "Friends" costars released a heartbreaking statement in the days after his unexpected death at the age of 54, which revealed the true depth of the friendship between the six stars. They became like family together as they worked on NBC's "Friends," and the show became a worldwide sensation. And even after having been off the air for nearly 20 years, the show has endured in popularity with a lot of people continuing to find joy and comfort in "Friends."

In 2021, the much anticipated "Friends" reunion aired on HBO Max, and the six beloved cast members came together to reminisce about their time on the show. And it was clear that they had an enduring love for each other, truly living out the line from the "Friends" theme song — "I'll be there for you." So, the devastation that the five remaining "Friends" cast members must feel with Perry's death is nearly unfathomable.

Just the thought of losing Perry brought Jennifer Aniston to tears, years before it tragically transpired. In an interview with Diane Sawyer in 2004, Aniston was asked about each of her fellow cast members, and when it came to talking about Perry, Aniston was moved to tears as she contemplated the idea of losing him.

Jennifer Aniston admitted they didn't know how to best help Matthew Perry

In the 2004 interview with Diane Sawyer, Jennifer Aniston needed a tissue as she talked about Matthew Perry and his struggles with addiction. It sounds like they had known some of what he was going through, but they didn't know what to do: "We weren't equipped to deal with it," Aniston said, "Nobody had ever dealt with that. [...] The idea of even losing him..." Though it could have been just an editing cut in the interview and she finished the thought, it seems as though Aniston couldn't even finish the thought of what it would be like to lose Perry.

Perry found out that the rest of the cast knew at least some of his ongoing struggle with addiction when he was on set; he didn't drink when he was at work, though he did work hungover. He explained in his 2022 memoir "Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing," that Aniston was the one who came to his dressing room and told him that they knew he'd been drinking because they could smell it. The joint statement Aniston and the rest of the "Friends" cast released in the wake of Perry's death showed just how much they cared for him: "We were more than just cast mates. We are a family."

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