Inside HGTV Good Bones Star Tad Starsiak's Relationship With Fiancée Anna Spiars

Though HGTV's "Good Bones" came to a close after Season 8, with host Mina Starsiak mentioning strained off-camera relationships between the show's stars as a contributing factor to its demise, the finale marked a major milestone for contractor Tad Starsiak. The self-proclaimed "demolition god," who is a half-brother to Mina, has become a fan-favorite among HGTV viewers since the series premiered in 2016, winning over audiences with his lighthearted antics and unconventional demo methods.

Not only did the "Good Bones" finale showcase the family renovating a house for Tad and his partner Anna Spiars, but it also saw the two become engaged in the final moments of the episode. The finale provided a glimpse into Spiars' and Tad's ongoing romance, though the couple has occasionally let "Good Bones" fans in on the details of their relationship through the series and social media.

"Anna love, I'm so excited to keep doing life with you, being weird, growing closer, and loving you more every single day," Starsiak captioned an Instagram post celebrating the engagement. "Thank you for being life's greatest blessing baby. Thank you for all of your support in every realm of my life," he continued.

Little is known about the early days of Tad Starsiak and Anna Spiars' relationship

Tad Starsiak and Anna Spiars have largely kept the details of their relationship private, with little being known about the start of their romance. However, based on social media, it appears the two first started dating around May of 2022, with Spiars sharing a celebratory anniversary post the following year in 2023.

On the final episode of "Good Bones," Starsiak mentioned that the couple bonded over their shared interest in high fantasy, with their first date being a movie marathon of the J.R.R. Tolkien movie adaptations. Because of this, the contractor incorporated nods to fantasy elves and hobbits in both his engagement ring and in some design elements of their new home.

Other than that, the two have shared some important relationship moments on Instagram, with Starsiak posting a collection of photos from his 29th birthday celebration that included a snuggly photo of him and Spiars. In honor of their anniversary, Spiars similarly shared a host of snapshots from different moments in their relationship, including a photo from New Year's celebrations and a pic of them reading together. "Happy anniversary, darling," she wrote. "You are everything I dreamed."

Tad Starsiak and Anna Spiars became engaged on the finale episode of 'Good Bones'

While "Good Bones" viewers got to see Mina Starsiak and company renovate an Indianapolis house for Tad Starsiak and Anna Spiars, the final episode of the series was made even more special when Tad popped the question. The engagement took place during the renovation reveal, with Tad getting down on one knee as he was showing Spiars their new kitchen.

"I think this is going to be your favorite spot if you come over here," he said before kneeling in front of Spiars. "Baby, I love you with all my heart and I don't know what I did to deserve you, but I thank God for you every single day. You're my absolute best friend and my dearest companion. Will you marry me?" Spiars eagerly agreed to the proposal overcome with emotion, and the two settled into their new home as a happily engaged couple.

Later, Starsiak shared a celebratory video on Instagram, showing off his fiancée's ring and snapshots of them in their beautifully renovated home. "Entering that Mr & Mrs era," he captioned the video, commemorating the start of their happily ever after.