Casey Affleck Had A Good Reason For Ditching Brother Ben's Second Wedding To J.Lo

Famous actor Ben Affleck and popstar Jennifer Lopez publicly tied the knot in August 2022 in one of the most talked-about celebrity weddings of the year. Ben Affleck's relationship with Jennifer Lopez dates back to the 2000s when they were a couple between 2002 and 2004. After going their separate ways, they reunited in 2021 and wasted little time dating again before the "Batman" star popped the question about a year later.

The fan-favorite couple had a private wedding in Las Vegas on July 16, 2022 before having a grander celebration on August 20 with friends and family at Ben's estate in Georgia. Celebrity friends such as Matt Damon and Kevin Smith were in attendance, but a notable absentee from the wedding was the groom's younger brother, Casey Affleck.

Just a few hours before his brother's wedding, Casey, who lives in Los Angeles, was photographed outside Starbucks. Page Six reported that the actor was asked by the photographer why he wasn't in Georgia, to which he only responded, "I have other things." However, a source told People that Casey missed the ceremony because of his "parental obligations," which is understandable due to the distance between LA and Georgia. Casey spent the day taking his son Atticus Affleck, to soccer practice and even ended up helping a boy who broke his arm (via Page Six). 

Do brothers Ben and Casey Affleck have a strained relationship?

While Casey Affleck's absence at his older brother's wedding was for a good reason, his absence led to speculation that the brothers had a strained relationship. A few days before the wedding, TMZ captured a video in which Casey was asked if he would attend Ben's nuptials. He refused to respond, fueling speculation regarding the bond between the Affleck siblings. The brothers have always been supportive of one another personally and professionally, with Casey starring in his brother's directorial debut feature "Gone, Baby, Gone." Casey was even a member of the "Good Will Hunting" cast, which arguably catapulted Ben and Matt Damon to stardom.

The younger Affleck soon put the rumors to rest the day after the wedding in a since-deleted post (via US Weekly), showing support for the couple's union despite his wedding absence. "Good things are worth waiting for," Casey wrote under an old photo of Lopez, Ben, and himself. "Here is to twists and turns, new beginnings, and finding new reservoirs of old love." He particularly praised his sister-in-law, adding, "Welcome to the family. Get ready for some real dysfunction! Kidding. I am kidding. Jen, you are a gem. We love you so much!!!"

Casey Affleck and J.Lo raised money for charity in July 2022

Further evidence shows that the speculations about any strain between Casey Affleck and Ben Affleck or Jennifer Lopez hold little water. Casey and Lopez were in Italy for a UNICEF fundraiser two weeks after her private wedding to Ben, supporting a good cause. The duo attended the Luisa Via Roma x UNICEF annual charity gala in Capri on July 30, 2022, along with other notable celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jared Leto, and the HAIM sisters.

Casey and Lopez did more than appear on the red carpet and donate money at the gala; they took on active roles. The younger Affleck brother hosted the auction in Capri while his sister-in-law performed for nearly an hour to raise funds. At the end of the night, the auction raised eight million euros for UNICEF to support its emergency programs for war-torn countries Syria and Ukraine. It's clear that Casey holds fondness and familial admiration for Lopez and shares her passion for charitable causes.