Little Known Facts About General Hospital's Sofia Mattsson

Since her debut in 2018 as the cunning Sasha Gilmore on ABC's "General Hospital," Sofia Mattsson has become a prominent figure on the long-running show. Sasha's arrival in Port Charles under false pretenses has seemingly brought her nothing but bad luck throughout the show, including struggles with addiction and the gut-wrenching story of her baby, Liam. In real life, Sofia is known for keeping her personal life private.

She did, however, once reveal that her sister, Helena Mattsson, who is also an actor, inspired her to pursue the career. In their joint interview with Scan Magazine, Sofia shared, "I came to visit [the US] and got to experience film shoots, and it sparked that interest in me too." The Swedish-born stars insist there's no sibling rivalry between them, and their collaborative business venture proves that to be true.

In addition to her bold career moves, Sofia seems to enjoy her family life more than anything. The actor resides in the US with her husband and children, but not without honoring her Swedish heritage in the household. "I feel at home here, but I'm more Swedish than I'm American. Sweden will always be home," she told Scan Magazine. Nonetheless, Sofia has obtained American citizenship, solidifying her as a true Americana as she makes her way through Hollywood.

She's officially a US citizen despite being born in Sweden

Sofia Mattsson, despite being mostly recognized as an American star, was originally born in Stockholm, Sweden, and holds Swedish nationality. Although acquiring U.S. citizenship is a challenging process, Mattsson successfully accomplished it in 2022, sharing the news on her Instagram account. In a caption under a smiling photo of herself holding the American flag, the star wrote, "I'm so grateful to this country for all the opportunities I've been given and for helping me make my dreams come true."

The specific details of how Mattsson obtained her citizenship remain unclear. Typically, US citizenship can be acquired through either birth or naturalization. Since Mattsson wasn't born in the U.S. she had to have gone through the naturalization process, which requires residing in the United States for at least five years, according to USCIS, or being married to a U.S. citizen for at least three years before applying. Mattsson tied the knot with Thomas Payton in 2016, a fellow entertainment industry professional engaged in acting, writing, and producing. Given their nearly six-year marriage in 2022, it is most likely how Mattsson successfully navigated the legal procedure.

Many, including her fellow "General Hospital" co-stars, took to the comment section of Mattsson's post to congratulate her. Kathleen Gati, who portrayed Liesl Obrecht on the daytime drama, wrote, "Congratulations! I got mine in 2001. It's a great feeling!"

The star owns a company specializing in vegan bags

While primarily recognized for her acting career, Sofia Mattsson has extended her talents into the accessories industry. Alongside her sister, Helena Mattsson, she established Ava Carrington in 2019, a company specializing in vegan leather bags crafted with sustainability in mind.

The sisters noticed a gap in the market for high-quality, cruelty-free handbags, as noted on the brand's website, which made them venture into the business. Despite lacking prior industry experience, according to Scan Magazine, the Mattsson sisters are actively involved in every phase of the bag-making process. Currently, Ava Carrington offers two models in their Stockholm collection — a mid-sized handbag and a smaller crossbody bag. Each is available in four colors — camel, black, gray, and wine. The Stockholm Satchel, the larger option, is priced a little over $630, while the Stockholm Crossbody is just under $500.

Sofia frequently promotes the bags on her social media, showcasing their diverse styling possibilities. "Europe is known for its style, and Scandinavia even more so. We're hoping that it'll be evident that there's a touch of Scandi expression in our collection too," Helena explained.

Mattsson was really pregnant on General Hospital

Sofia Mattsson, known for her role as Sasha Gilmore on "General Hospital," is not only a small-screen star but also a dedicated mother of two. Her first child, a boy, was born in 2021, and she welcomed her second one, a baby girl, in 2023. Her first pregnancy was cleverly integrated into her character Sasha's storyline on the beloved soap, prompting Mattsson to keep her real-life pregnancy under wraps until Sasha's was revealed on-screen.

In 2021, Mattsson took to Instagram to announce she was expecting, just a little over a month before giving birth to her son. However, the on-screen narrative for Sasha took a heartbreaking turn as her child, Liam, faced a tragic fate shortly after being introduced to the plot. This twist left "General Hospital" fans dissatisfied with Sasha's never-ending torture, subsequently sparking anticipation about whether Mattsson's second pregnancy would also be incorporated into the show to make up for the loss.

Speculation arose as soon as Mattsson's baby bump became noticeable, with Soap Dirt reporting on the rumors, which were ultimately left unaddressed. Given that Mattsson has had her second baby in reality, it seems less likely that another pregnancy will be written into her character's story; at least not any time soon. However, with "General Hospital," one can never predict what twists the narrative may take.

Mattsson appeared in two music videos

Before she found fame with "General Hospital" and her other acting engagements, Sofia Mattsson made appearances in two popular music videos in 2012. According to her IMDb profile, Mattsson stars in the U.S. version of Olly Murs' "Heart Skips a Beat," featuring Chiddy Bang. In the video, Mattsson can be spotted within the first four seconds, after which the camera pans to Murs, who's watching her from a distance. As he tries to get Mattsson's attention, she ultimately gives in and starts dancing with him — or at least it appears to be so until it's revealed that Murs had imagined the whole thing.

Additionally, Mattsson had a smaller role in David Guetta's "The Alphabeat," making an appearance around the 1:45 mark. In this video, she plays a party girl who shares a kiss with the elevator boy, who later joins her on the dance floor. While this particular role is not included in her official acting portfolio online, Mattsson herself confirmed her involvement in the video on Instagram, showcasing her disco-inspired outfit.