General Hospital's Donnell Turner Proves It's Never Too Late To Chase Your Dreams

On "General Hospital," Curtis Ashford is a hero in many different senses of the word. His long list of derring-do deeds includes helping to save Laura Collins (Genie Francis), Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr), and Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) from the evil Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober), who was holding them hostage, as well as helping to save the world in the Greenland adventure. In his personal life, Curtis was paralyzed when he was struck by a bullet from an unknown assassin, and after a brief moment of feeling sorry for himself, he focused on overcoming his obstacles and persevering. 

Similarly, actor Donnell Turner has worked hard in real life to better himself too. The "General Hospital" star announced in a November 1, 2023, Instagram post that he's achieved an incredible milestone in his life. "On Friday, October 27th I was blessed to realize a dream that had eluded me for over thirty years," Turner wrote. "I graduated from The Los Angeles Film School, Summa Cum Laude, with A Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Filmmaking!" 

His proud words were accompanied by video clips of the soap star receiving his degree and even moving his graduation cap's tassel from right to left. "When I started my academic journey it was also to live up to Momma's academic examples and share her love of learning. I can just hear her animated voice of approval now; I know she is pleased," the actor proudly stated, clearly wishing that his beloved mom was among the cheering audience members.

Turner shared some inspiring advice while announcing his accomplishment

"General Hospital" star Donnell Turner's Instagram post also included pictures of him in his graduation attire and a shot with co-star Tajh Bellow — who plays Curtis Ashford's nephew, T.J. Ashford — who also just graduated from the Los Angeles Film School. The soap star's caption continued, "Congratulations to all the 2023 graduates and props to my 'nephew' and friend @tajhbellow for staying with it and earning the win. You did it sir!" Bellow also posted several graduation photos to Instagram on October 30, including one of him and Turner, and noted that he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Filmmaking too.

Turner's post went on to state, "To my core, I am Grateful beyond words, and I know Momma is proud of her baby boy." He preemptively thanked all of those who would likely be posting their congratulations, adding the advice, "Remember — Your direction is more important than your location, and It is NEVER too late to put your dreams into action!" 

While comments weren't available on Turner's post, several "GH" castmates shared their congratulations on Bellow's page including Sofia Mattsson (Sasha Gilmore), Katelyn MacMullen (Willow Tait), William Lipton (Cameron Webber), Kate Mansi (Kristina Davis), Josh Kelly (Cody Bell), and Risa Dorken (Amy Driscoll) who lovingly responded, "Congrats!! You know how I feel about you, your talent ... Go get 'em."