Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week Of 11/6

The Halloween season is now over, which means it's time for the citizens of Salem to return to their regularly scheduled programming: scheming, lying, betrayals, and the classic baby switch. As we move into a new month, revenge plots are concocted, characters remember their lost loves and a new character arrives in Salem ready to stir up trouble.

Along with these twists and turns, viewers can expect to see (and hear) wedding bells as two couples walk down the aisle, Alex and Theresa partner together with a new plan, Xander and Sarah's custody battle takes a messy turn, and the celebration of the soap's 58th anniversary. Right now, the biggest storylines on the soap are Sarah and Xander's fight over baby Victoria, the story behind new character Everett and his connection to Stephanie and Jada, and Camila Banus' imminent exit as Gabi Hernandez.

For fans who want to know, here's what is going to happen on "Days of Our Lives" the week of November 6, 2023.

Harris is concerned about Ava's new job

Harris expresses concern about Ava's new gig on Monday, November 6. Now that Ava and Harris have been sprung from Bayview, they have been trying to get their lives back on track with new jobs. However, Ava has been sucked back into illegal dealings with Clyde Weston. Clyde threatened Ava's son's safety if she didn't agree to help him sell pills out of the Bistro in Horton Town Square. Since Harris is now part of the Salem PD, will he be able to help Ava out of the sticky situation she's found herself in?

Chad discovers Stephanie and Everett together

On Monday, November 6, Chad finds Stephanie and Everett together. Stephanie and Chad's relationship has been on the rocks since they started the conversation about marriage, and they've been growing apart ever since. Fan favorite Blake Berris has returned to Salem as Stephanie's ex, Everett, and he's determined to get Stephanie back. Everett might just provide the support and commitment that Stephanie's lacking with Chad. Will Chad be jealous when he finds them together, or will he realize he's not ready to commit to Stephanie just yet?

John and Marlena celebrate their anniversary

Iconic soap opera couple John and Marlena celebrate their anniversary on Wednesday, November 8. Known as one of the best pairing in "Days of Our Lives" history, John and Marlena have been through the wringer together and always manage to find a way back to each other. Through identity mix-ups, affairs, and even multiple occasions of demonic possession, they have only gotten stronger through the years. Fans will delight in remembering their love story and the hope for many happy years to come.

Tensions arise in the custody battle between Sarah and Xander

Sarah and Xander's custody battle for Victoria turns messy on Wednesday, November 8. Upon finding Susan Banks alive, Sarah was ready to forgive Xander for his past misdeeds, but when she found out he was suing for full custody of their daughter, she changed her tune. Now, both Sarah and Xander are out to make the other look like an unfit parent, and given the amount of mistakes both have made in the past, it won't be hard. Viewers can expect to see a lot of mudslinging between the past couple.

Rafe bears news of Gabi's fate

On Thursday, November 9, Rafe delivers news of Gabi's fate. Gabi and Stefan have been scheming for months to gain a majority hold of Dimera shares, and they've made a long list of enemies along the way. With so many people to blackmail, it's no wonder that Gabi was bound to slip up somewhere, and it seems her plans have caught up with her. With Camila Banus leaving "Days of Our Lives" soon, it's only a matter of time before Gabi disappears from the screen with a trail of chaos in her wake.

Melinda finds a baby for Eric and Sloan

Melinda delivers a baby to Eric and Sloan on Friday, November 10. Since Sloan's miscarriage, the couple has been on the road to adoption, and they enlisted Melinda as their lawyer for help with the process. However, as seen in the winter trailer for "Days," the baby that Melinda finds for Eric and Sloan doesn't seem to be one up for adoption. She steals Nicole's baby and gives it to Sloan, bribing a doctor to deliver news to Nicole and EJ that their baby died. And the age-old soap opera trope of a baby switch ensues, further entangling the web that Sloan has found herself in.