Mina Starsiak Hawk & MJ Coyle Had Tension Right From The Start Of HGTV's Good Bones

Mina Starsiak Hawk rose to HGTV fame when she and her mother Karen E. Laine started their renovation business, Two Chicks and a Hammer, the same name that would be given to the pilot filmed for what would become the network's show "Good Bones." Though Starsiak Hawk and Laine were featured heavily on the show, they weren't alone in overhauling the residences. Michael Jeffrey Coyle, better known as MJ, was brought on as the head designer for "Good Bones" in the final episodes of season 3.

It wasn't long before Starsiak Hawk and Coyle weren't seeing eye-to-eye, even if everything appeared fine on camera. As the show went on, the pair didn't hide their clashes from viewers, but their feuding has been going on much longer than we thought. 

On Starsiak Hawk's podcast, "Mina AF," Coyle revealed that "probably one of our biggest fights ever was literally my first week of employment." He explained that this early blow-up was over a fireplace. "I really, really wanted to save the fireplace ... and you were like 'Absolutely not, we're getting rid of it," he said. Coyle likely referred to Season 4, Episode 1, "A Stately House on Sanders."

Both Starsiak Hawk and Coyle have pretty strong opinions, and the designer admitted that neither was willing to compromise.

It was an eye-opening moment for the Good Bones duo

On Mina Starsiak Hawk's podcast "Mina AF," MJ Coyle confessed that the headbutting between him and the "Good Bones" star often occurred for two reasons. First, he explained, "We're both super stubborn and we're both right at all times." Still, he divulged that the production crew or other individuals behind the scenes usually had ulterior motives, sometimes instigating fights between Coyle and Starsiak Hawk.

Despite the show's producers "pulling the strings in their ivory tower," as Starsiak Hawk put it, Coyle felt that Starsiak Hawk was a little bananas even before the cameras began rolling. He recalled that when he showed up for work his very first day, Starsiak Hawk "walked in with a paper towel in your hand full of hard-boiled eggs, and I was like 'This woman is completely unhinged.'" He admitted that he had never seen anyone show up with such an odd snack choice. He was even more shocked when she started down the eggs while in the midst of their first meeting.

Though the designer-renovator duo may have gotten off on the wrong foot, they ended up thick as thieves by the show's end. While "Good Bones" host Starsiak Hawk revealed in August 2023 that Season 8 would be the final season as she was ditching the HGTV show, the two will still be working together.

It's not the end of Starsiak Hawk and Coyle, however

Even though "Good Bones" is officially ending, Mina Starsiak Hawk has no plans to hang up her hammer. On her podcast, "Mina AF," the business owner noted that she loves filming episodes for television. Therefore, she plans on working with HGTV as long as they will have her. 

Indeed, the home improvement network reportedly has something in the works, planning to shoot Starsiak Hawk renovating an Indiana residence owned by her and her husband, Steve Hawk. Starsiak Hawk shared a peek at the rehab on Instagram, writing, "Y'all want a 'Good Bones Takes the Lake' edition??!?! Me too!!!!"

Regarding the project, Starsiak Hawk noted on her podcast that "we're doing it in two phases because I don't have enough money to do the whole thing at once. Despite what a lot of people think, I'm not rich." This is possibly another reason why she doesn't want to sever ties with the network. 

Starsiak Hawk also revealed that MJ Coyle will make an appearance! "We are filming for a two-episode spin-off," she divulged, adding, "MJ and Austin are there for demo." So far, she said, the experience was happy and delightful.

It might not be long before we see Coyle and Starsiak Hawk back on television together. Except this time, there will be no orchestration behind the scenes. However, seeing as Starsiak Hawk is both the homeowner and the builder, we're guessing Coyle may have to stick to the house's demo instead of its design.