Days Of Our Lives' Returning Blake Berris Loves 'Shape-Shifting' As Everett

Just when you thought things were going well between Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) and Stephanie Johnson (Shelley Hennig) on "Days of Our Lives," the topic of marriage came up. Stephanie's looking to get married, but he's just not ready yet and is still mourning his dead wife, Abigail DiMera (Marci Miller). On top of that, Stephanie's old flame, Everett Lynch (Blake Berris), came to Salem in October, wanting to pick up where they left off. Prior to that, he seemed to have disappeared, and she assumed he was just avoiding her. He explained that an accident caused him to land in a coma and it took a while for him to recover not only physically, but also from amnesia. He's still in love with her and it looks like he could come between Stephanie and Chad's already strained relationship.

Berris previously played Nick Fallon, who embarked on a reign of terror in Salem. Although he died, Nick has had some otherworldy returns. Now that he's going from playing a killer to something of a leading man, Berris discussed his surprising change in character with Soap Opera Digest in an interview posted on November 2, where he explained he regularly fought against playing such characters. "From an early age, I've played so many different things," he said, further stating, "My dad is always like, 'You're more of a leading man.' And I'm like, 'No. I'm not. I like shape-shifting.'"

Blake Berris likes what Days is doing with Everett

With more of a good guy role on his plate, Blake Berris told Soap Opera Digest, "I played the drug addict for years. I was on 'Breaking Bad,' and I did this movie called 'Meth Head' and a couple other things. In my heart, I think I'm more of a character actor." Shedding his scary character Nick Fallon, the actor discussed the momentum he's now building as Everett, remarking, "It's been fun to lean into a more romantic side [of a character] and take on the responsibility of keeping the audience on Everett's side. I really don't want to lose that."

He felt that taking on this polar opposite character was challenging, noting that when he played Nick, he found the elements that he was interested in. "There was some rebellious part of me that was maybe fighting the genre a bit and wanting to do something my own way, and I was younger," he explained. Looking at Everett's stance, the actor stated, "This time around my challenge has been how to embrace the genre of daytime and soap opera ... I'm trying to lean in rather than fight it." 

Berris is happy with the new character and coming stories, teasing what's to come in an Instagram post. "Everett is a huge departure from Nick Fallon and a total dream come true to play as an actor," he wrote. "This story is a wild ride so buckle your seatbelts."