The Young And The Restless' Tracey Bregman Mourns Heartbreaking Loss Of Her Horse

Tracey Bregman, who has played the role of Lauren Fenmore on "The Young and the Restless" for 40 years, dealt with a tragic situation in October 2023 — the death of her horse Standing Ovation. Bregman owns the Black Horse Ranch in Nashville, which got its name from the color of Ovi's coat. Bregman took to social media to share the sad news.

"We lost the soul of my Ranch this morning," Bregman said on Instagram. "Standing Ovation or Ovi, as he was known as, passed away with me by his side. This is the hard part for loving these beautiful souls so fiercely." She went on to say that she had Ovi for a decade and that her family cared for the horse as well. Bregman added, "Ovi, I hope you are doing canter pirouettes in heaven with Buddha by your side."

Bregman's tribute post for Ovi included a carousel of photos, mostly of Bregman with the beloved horse. "The Young and the Restless" actor (who played a different character on "Days Of Our Lives") also shared a message on her Instagram story thanking those who shared their condolences for Standing Ovation. Bregman added, "My heart is still hurting tremendously but your thoughts and actions give me great comfort."

Tracey Bregman kept her animals safe from a devastating wildfire

Tracey Bregman loves animals and, in an interview with Rover, she spoke about how that love started back when she was a kid. One of her dogs, Buddha, seems to have passed on as well, based on her caption tribute to Ovi remarking that they'll be in heaven together. Bregman told Rover that Buddha had many health issues during his life. Thanks to the great care Bregman, Buddha's veterinarian, and Buddha's homeopathic doctor took of him, he lived a longer life than expected. In a birthday post for him in 2021, the actor said of Buddha, "You are my inspiration, my soulmutt!"

Intuition has saved Bregman's animals in the past. She told Rover that, before the California wildfires that burned her house down in 2018, she felt like something was wrong. That inkling inspired Bregman and her trainer to move the horses, and they were safe during the disaster. That same intuition motivated Bregman to move her dogs out of her house, and because of that, no one got hurt in the fire.

Despite the heartbreak associated with using a beloved pet, it seems like Bregman will continue having them in her life. In an Instagram post from December 2022, Bregman said, "To live amongst my animals is a dream come true."