Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott's Messiest Post-Divorce Moments

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's marriage, which endured 17 years of highs and lows, has officially ended, but their messy moments seem far from finished. Over the years, they faced numerous divorce rumors, including McDermott's confirmed cheating scandal in 2013. Interestingly, their own romance began with infidelity in 2005, as they both cheated on their respective ex-spouses. Despite a rocky start, they tied the knot quickly after and welcomed five children over their time together.

Following McDermott's infidelity, the couple managed to navigate through the rough patch with therapy and even had their youngest child in 2017. Amid their perceived marital utopia, talk about their split started circulating again. Ultimately, it turned out that their marriage problems were worse than everyone thought.

In June 2023, McDermott shared a now-deleted divorce announcement, writing, "[Spelling] and I have decided to go our separate ways and start a new journey of our own." Prior to this, the couple was making an effort to work on their issues and were seemingly in a good place, People reported. Additionally, according to a RadarOnline source, Spelling initially downplayed the seriousness of their split, but McDermott was resolute in his decision. Since their separation, their ongoing inability to find common ground has evidently continued to impact their family, creating some of the messiest post-divorce moments that could've been avoided.

Spelling is reportedly unhappy with McDermott's new romance

In October 2023, Dean McDermott was spotted with his new girlfriend, Lily Calo, a senior account executive at Conscious Community Global, as reported by Page Six. In the photos posted by the Daily Mail, the couple can be seen holding hands and appearing very comfortable with each other as they go into a Los Angeles welfare office. Days later, the two were caught kissing at an airport. Following her estranged husband's PDA, Tori Spelling allegedly feels that he should have kept his new relationship more private for her sake.

According to a source close to the "Beverly Hills, 90210" actor, as disclosed to OK magazine, "Dean stepping out with a new woman since he hadn't been seen in a long time is disrespectful to Tori." The anonymous person claims Spelling has moved on from McDermott and is concentrating on her family life and herself. Allegedly, McDermott has been absent from the lives of his five children since leaving their family home, and Spelling has taken on the responsibility of caring for them on her own. The insider noted, "They've become closer to Tori, and she has stepped up to [the] plate and taken control [of] making sure they're happy and healthy."

Spelling moved on quickly after McDermott's PDA

Less than a month after Dean McDermott showcased his new beau to the world, Tori Spelling also revealed her new romance. As reported by Us Weekly, Spelling crossed paths with her new boyfriend, advertising CEO Ryan Cramer, during an undisclosed work project several months before their public debut and has been very happy. An insider disclosed that Spelling was the one who made the first move, as Cramer caught her eye.

Interestingly, Cramer bears an uncanny resemblance to McDermott, at least according to the photos that have emerged. Featuring short brown hair, a touch of facial hair, and donning black square glasses, Cramer is making us see double. Despite the obvious similarities, Spelling doesn't seem to care. "Tori is really excited about the new relationship, and it doesn't bother her that people say [Cramer] looks a lot like Dean," the anonymous source revealed to Us Weekly.

Entertainment Tonight confirmed the budding romance, with another insider noting, [Spelling] doesn't mind that the news of her dating is public. She is moving on too from her relationship with Dean." While Spelling's new relationship is only in its beginning, the actor is reportedly having a good time and enjoying Cramer's easy-going personality.

McDermott accused his ex of creating drama to 'stay relevant'

Tori Spelling wasn't the only one feeling disrespected amid her separation from Dean McDermott, as the Canadian actor is reportedly growing weary of her performative woes post-split. After a mold infestation forced Spelling and her five children into a motel, she was later hospitalized for an undisclosed illness. While these might have been a series of unfortunate coincidences happening during their breakup, McDermott isn't buying it.

"Dean wants to figure everything out behind closed doors, and Tori is interested in making everything public and having people feel bad for her," a source close to McDermott revealed. Despite McDermott's offer to help amid the mold drama, Spelling was reportedly not interested, causing tension in their already complicated relationship. "Dean hates it because he doesn't want to be looked at as the bad guy," the insider explained.

McDermott asserts that, aside from trying to make him look bad, his estranged wife is attempting to sensationalize their personal issues to maintain a presence in the media. "This really took a toll on Dean," another source close to the actor disclosed.

McDermott wasn't doing his part in the family

Tori Spelling might be using her personal life to fill media headlines, but Dean McDermott's dirty laundry is airing itself as it becomes apparent what kind of husband he was. Spelling once criticized her soon-to-be ex-spouse on an episode of their now-off-air reality series, "True Tori," for not working enough, as reported by Glamour. On the show, she pointed out that many pilot episodes were being filmed at the time, suggesting that McDermott wasn't putting in enough effort to secure an acting role. In response, McDermott, visibly frustrated, started yelling that it wasn't his responsibility to actively search for jobs but rather his agent's. Given their financial woes over the years, it's clear McDermott didn't take his then-wife all too seriously.

Before landing roles in "Pretty Hard Cases" and "My Fake Boyfriend," McDermott had a relatively inactive acting career despite Spelling urging him to contribute more financially. When he ultimately managed to get the two acting gigs, according to the insider from the Daily Mail, Spelling was left feeling like she was shouldering the responsibility of raising their five children on her own. "Tori did not feel like Dean was holding his weight at the time," the source noted. In hindsight, it's clear the two were inevitably destined to part ways sooner or later.