Inside Hannah Ann's Relationship With Jake Funk

Love stories have always had a unique ability to captivate our hearts, leaving us with a sense of enchantment and a belief in the idea of soulmates. Today, we invite you to step into the world of one of reality TV's most memorable contestants, Hannah Ann Sluss, as we delve deep into her journey to love with her fiancé, Jake Funk. That does sound like a Chris Harrison opening, doesn't it?

Hannah Ann Sluss' time on "The Bachelor" ended with a proposal that ultimately didn't lead to a lasting relationship. But like any true romantic, she never gave up. She quickly became a fan favorite after reading Peter Weber the Riot Act on the live "After the Final Rose" special when she delivered this zinger, "If you wanna be with a woman, you need to become a real man." Sluss even posted an Instagram shot of herself in flight clothing with a caption that said, "Flyin' solo... no turbulence accepted. PERIOD," which was of course directed at Weber as any true fan of the show will know he's a pilot.

But this article is not about Weber, it's about Sluss, her fiancé, and all the things you didn't know about their relationship. From Funk's football career which has taken them from one state to another in a very short period, to their adorable TikTok videos and even more adorable proposal; these two are a match made in heaven.

The began dating in late 2021 after meeting via TikTok

The love story of Hannah Ann Sluss and Jake Funk began in late 2021 when the NFL player slid into her TikTok DMs. Sluss went into the details in a TikTok video posted in December 2022, revealing "I was looking through my DMs, and I get this DM from Jake that says, 'Shooter's shoot.' I ended up saying back 'Slam dunk.'" Just a few days later, the pair met up in person at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles.

Sluss claimed her friends had to push her into going because her reality TV fame had made her somewhat nervous about meeting a new guy who may ask her about the show. She gushed, "What really stood out to me about him was he was the only guy that I have ever gone on a date with that didn't ask me about the show. We were able to keep things private and really get to know each other." Apparently, Funk even told Sluss he loved her just two weeks into dating. 

Their budding relationship remained largely under the radar until Sluss posted on social media during the 2022 Superbowl in which Funk's team won. She proudly posted several Instagram stories (per People) in which she gave her man a kiss and made sure her followers saw her clear purse decorated with Funk's number, 34. She wrote, "Good luck kiss." Sluss' social media presence is full of support for her man.

Hannah Ann cheered Jake on when his team played in the Superbowl

When it comes to the NFL, cheerleaders are considered as much a part of the game as field goals and helmets. In Jake Funk's case, he was lucky enough to have his very own personal cheerleader in the form of then-girlfriend Hannah Ann Sluss. But Sluss' support extended beyond the confines of the field; she generously shared several behind-the-scenes videos of the Super Bowl experience, offering fans a unique and personal perspective on the festivities surrounding the game. These clips allowed fans to witness the couple's journey to the Super Bowl, bringing them closer to the action.

In February 2023, Sluss shared a TikTok slideshow of throwback images from one year prior when Funk's team won. She supported her man not just by screaming and jumping up and down, but with her outfit as well. Sluss donned a blue and yellow letterman-style jacket with the Los Angeles Rams scrolled across it along with knee-high white boots, a matching crop top, and black shorts. She decorated a clear purse with Funk's jersey number 34 on the front and shared several selfies and shots of the pair partying after the game. 

Sluss also shared a TikTok video in 2022 when Funk's team won the NFC Championships. In another TikTok video, she was seen doing the Bachelor-style run and jump while she wrapped her legs around him on the field.

The pair made their red carpet debut in July 2022 at the ESPYs

Love, glitz, and glamour collided on the red carpet, creating a dazzling spectacle that had everyone talking in July 2022. The cause of all the commotion? None other than Hannah Ann Sluss and Jake Funk, making their highly anticipated red-carpet debut at the 2022 ESPY Awards, leaving us all in awe.

Dressed to impress and exuding charm, the couple set the red carpet on fire. Sluss was the epitome of elegance in a stunning pink gown with spaghetti straps and cut-outs. She paired the look with a pair of silver strappy heels and a matching clutch. Of course, it was her and Funk's smiles that really stole the show. As they posed for the cameras, it was impossible not to notice the unmistakable chemistry and affection they shared.

While several pictures from the event were put online, Sluss couldn't resist giving fans some shots of her own. She posted a high-energy TikTok video in which she showed herself makeup-free with straight hair before swinging her head around in a transition to her ESPYs look, giving the camera a little twirl. She also shared footage from the event in which she and Funk were seen in the car, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, on the red carpet, and in the theater. It was clear Sluss was extremely excited to be at the event, putting the song "Vegas" by Doja Cat in the background, adding to the glamour. 

They share a Bernedoodle named Dash

Nothing screams commitment like getting a pet together, and Hannah Ann Sluss and Jake Funk proved they're in it for the long haul. The pair added a four-legged furry friend to their little family — a Bernedoodle named Dash, which they announced via Instagram. With an infectious enthusiasm, Sluss gushed about her new adorable pet, sharing photos that showcased Dash's undeniable cuteness. It's clear that Dash has quickly become a cherished member of their household.

For anyone who's ever had the pleasure of being a pet parent, the arrival of a new four-legged family member is a momentous occasion. It's not just about getting a dog; it's about welcoming a new companion, a source of endless joy, and a reason to celebrate life's little moments. Sluss captioned the announcement: "Puppy Love is FurReal! Meet our newest addition Dash. He loves playing ball, snuggling on the couch, and chewing.. everything! Let us know your best potty training advice...," alluding to the fact that their new addition might have been causing a bit of havoc at home. 

In the wholesome post, Sluss and Funk took a selfie with their new pup who sported his own blue handkerchief that had a football on it with his name printed in the middle. Sluss also posted a video of herself cuddling Dash in the carousel, as well as a video of Funk holding the tiny pooch, too. Sluss even created a separate Instagram account for him!

Jake's mom has given the couple her stamp of approval

The saying, "When you marry someone, you marry their family," holds true for many couples, so it's a good thing Hannah Ann Sluss has gained the stamp of approval from Jake Funk's mom, Alisa Funk. She proudly shared a picture from the engagement photoshoot on Instagram, as well as a shot of herself with their dog Dash, and a shot of Dash by himself.

She captioned the Instagram post, "WOW! Jake & Hannah Engaged! Dad & I are so excited for you both. Hannah you are such a beautiful person inside and out. We are so happy to have you in our fun and crazy Funk family." She continued, "Exciting times ahead. Granddog Dash and I had a great time while you were vacationing in Cabo." Sluss clearly felt similar sentiments, as she replied to the post, "Thank you so much! So nice of you to say! We are very thankful to have you!" Nothing makes the holidays easier than getting along with your in-laws and it appears that Sluss will be joining a family who is ready to welcome her with open arms.

When Sluss appeared on "The Bachelor," Peter Weber's mom Barb was a massive fan of hers and even inspired the infamous "Bring her home" moment (via YouTube). Nothing wrong with being a hit with the in-laws! (Somewhere out there, we can still hear the distant cries of Barb when she came across the engagement announcement.)

They're always on the move due to Jake's football career

In the world of professional football, constant mobility and change are often the norm. This reality couldn't be truer for Jake Funk and Hannah Ann Sluss, who have experienced their fair share of relocations due to Funk's football career. The NFL running-back has most definitely kept Sluss on her toes, with several career moves that have taken them all across the U.S.

In November 2022, Funk was signed to the Indianapolis Colts practice squad, and the couple prepared to move to Carmel, Indiana. In August 2023, Sluss shared a TikTok video where she documented her trip to the new house along with her dog Dash — who was treated to a delicious puppucino. She claimed Funk told her she would love the new place, as he had already visited a few times. She shared footage of herself unpacking her trunk upon arrival, and excitedly revealed in a voiceover that she couldn't wait to decorate it for the holidays.

The pair later enjoyed a date night where they went out to dinner, and ended the video asking for everyone to wish them luck. Unfortunately, that luck didn't get very far as she posted another TikTok in October 2023 in which she had to pack up their house in Indiana with less than 24 hours' notice to move to Florida, where Funk had just signed with the Miami Dolphins.

Hannah Ann supports Jake at his football games

Since their TikTok "meet cute," Hannah Ann Sluss has been a constant presence at Jake Funk's games, cheering him on from the stands. She has become the epitome of a dedicated NFL girlfriend, and now fiancée. Sluss' game day vlogs provide a behind-the-scenes look at their football adventures. Fans can witness her excitement, anticipation, and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with being in a relationship with a professional athlete. These vlogs not only show the couple's love but also offer a glimpse into the world of NFL players and their partners.

In September 2023, when Funk was still playing for the Indianapolis Colts, Sluss treated fans to a vlog of the first game of the year. At the beginning of the TikTok video, Sluss can be seen at home simply cleaning up the guest rooms as they were apparently having visitors for the big game. She later showed off her game day outfit which featured jean shorts, a white bedazzled crop top, knee-high white boots, and a clear purse that she had decorated with Funk's last name. Of course, Dash got a little handkerchief as well. She later threw a casserole in the oven that looked heavenly. Sluss wore a jean jacket with the word "Wifey" on the back and was later seen posing with Funk on the field. At the end of the vlog, they made sure to enjoy a date night dinner together proving they're #couplegoals.

They got engaged in January 2023 making the announcement via TikTok

Hannah Ann Sluss and Jake Funk, who have captured the hearts of fans with their love story, took to social media to reveal their engagement in January 2023. Sluss posted a TikTok video that showcased their engagement celebration. In the video, viewers could see the couple enjoying a romantic dinner on a beautiful beach in Cabo San Lucas. The picturesque setting was the perfect backdrop for Funk to pop the question, and their happiness was palpable. What made this engagement even more special was that Sluss shared not only the announcement but also several pictures and videos from their engagement in Cabo. This allowed fans to take a closer look at the magical moment, making them feel like a part of the celebration.

The TikTok video and accompanying content became an instant hit, garnering the attention and well-wishes of both their followers and the Bachelor Nation. Who wasn't excited at seeing Sluss get engaged after Peter Weber put her through the wringer on national television? In an adorable TikTok slideshow, Sluss shared several pictures of the moment Funk proposed, naturally set to Taylor Swift's "Love Story" in the background.

She later shared a TikTok of the words "She said Yes!" projected on the cliffside over the water. Further footage showed the pair's dinner as well as "She said Yes!" in rose petals on their hotel room floor. Funk was clearly very confident he would get a positive answer from Sluss!

Hannah Ann picked out her own engagement ring

In a unique twist to traditional engagement stories, Hannah Ann Sluss played an active role in picking out her own engagement ring as she and Jake Funk chose a more collaborative approach. In a video posted to TikTok, Sluss shared a throwback video of the entire day. They sweetly started out the day at the Beverly Hills Hotel where they met before later making their way to Happy Jewelers in Orange County. The Bachelor alum shared each of the six different ring options she tried on, hilariously joking about the massive round diamond ring almost making her fiancé pass out, however, she only tried it for fun.

She later shared more engagement day footage of the pair taking selfies with her ring, claiming it was about a month after they first picked out the ring. She claimed it was "such a special experience being able to design the ring together" and of course, it was exactly what she wanted.

Sharing this intimate and unique aspect of their engagement, Sluss and Funk have provided fans with a glimpse into the dynamics of their relationship. This transparency and willingness to involve each other in such a significant decision highlight their strong connection and partnership. Of course, for Sluss, it must feel quite different this time around without Neil Lane bringing a box of options to her hotel room.

Hannah Ann is looking at wedding locations in the Bahamas

Hannah Ann Sluss and Jake Funk are in the midst of planning a destination wedding in the Bahamas. Sluss has shared an inside look into their wedding-planning journey by posting a video where she explored four different wedding venues in the Bahamas in September 2023.

In the TikTok video, fans can see Sluss visiting picturesque locations on the beautiful islands. She carefully examined each venue, considering the backdrop for their special day. The Bahamas, known for its crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches, is a dream wedding destination, so it's no surprise the pair have chosen the tropical paradise to say their vows. Naturally, Sluss wore a short, white dress as she made her way around the Baha Mar resort, checking out the four different venus they had on offer. The first was a private lawn that had a small view of the ocean and Sluss mentioned there was a lot that could be done with the space.

She also took a look at the wedding chapel before making her way to a rooftop area that featured white pillars and an incredible view. The last spot she saw was a balcony, but she wasn't a huge fan of it. It will be so exciting to see Sluss and Funk's future wedding there, and it's likely fans will be treated to an abundance of YouTube and TikTok posts from the day.