All Of The Famous Kids North West Is Friends With

North West is well on her way to staking out a name all her own, even apart from her famous parents. From North's impeccable sense of fashion to her openness about her learning disability, the eldest daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West already has the makings of a little trailblazer — and she's not even able to legally operate a motor vehicle yet. It's no wonder her TikTok account (which is run in collaboration with mom Kim K) has more than 17 million followers.

While North is living a life many of us can only ever dream of, there are still aspects of her life that we can relate to, such as having a tight-knit group of friends. Although North and her mom are lauded as the ultimate friendship goals — they frequently showcase their cute relationship on their social media — North also hangs out with her own posse of best friends, and each of them is arguably as famous as she is. Here are all the celebrity kids North West is friends with.

Jessica Simpson's daughter, Maxwell Drew Johnson

North West is best buddies with Maxwell Drew Johnson, the eldest daughter of model and TV personality Jessica Simpson, and her husband, NFL player Eric Johnson. This friendship just makes sense. After all, both Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson are reality TV stars. Jessica and Eric were part of the early 2000s reality series "Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica" while Kim Kardashian has starred in "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" and its many spinoffs. 

North and Maxwell share the sweetest friendship. An Instagram post on a fan account shows that Kanye West's daughter was a guest at Maxwell's 10th birthday party. The girls are all smiles in the photos, and both look just like any other tween (instead of the daughters of the ultra-famous), having a great time hanging out with their bestie. Maxwell has even called North her closest friend. "I think she's my favorite," she told the Daily Mail. "She's really fun, too."

In an interview with Us Weekly, Jessica revealed that her husband acted as North's basketball coach and the families live in the same neighborhood, so it was only natural for these two stars-in-the-making to become good friends.

Selena Gomez's sister, Gracie Teefey

For some reason, we didn't think actress Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian would travel in the same circles, but we're happy they do. Gracie Teefey, the younger sister of Selena Gomez, and North West make a great pair of best friends. The duo have a very fun and silly friendship, and their social media followers simply adore seeing them together.

Like other kids their age, North and Gracie enjoy uploading videos on TikTok. In one hilarious collab, the famous children don their chef hats and attempt to make pasta from scratch. Imitating their glam relatives, the girls make sure to look flawless before beginning their recipe by swiping on some sheer gloss – a necessity for cooking, of course. Along with preparing fancy meals, the girls also sing and show off their new dance moves for the camera.

In April 2023, North and Gracie took their dance moves to the big stage. As seen in a clip shared on TikTok, the two girls, along with North's cousin Penelope Kardashian and their group of friends, were called onstage at a Katy Perry concert in Las Vegas. Perry challenged the TikTok-famous crew to show off their moves for the crowd, and they happily obliged.

Mariah Carey's daughter, Monroe Cannon

The antics on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" may have you believe that Kim Kardashian is prone to drama, but her extensive list of celebrity friends begs to differ. One of her good friends is legendary singer Mariah Carey. Kim and her daughter North West even made an appearance in the vocalist's music video for the celebrity version of "All I Want for Christmas." Not only are Carey and Kardashian close friends, but so are their daughters. 

North West and Monroe Cannon, the daughter of Mariah Carey and comedian Nick Cannon, have a friendship that highlights how in tune they are with their musician parents. Both girls love to show off their musical prowess ... they just keep it to social media (for now). The friends have collabed together on Kim and North's joint TikTok account. In one video, North and Monroe can be seen singing along to Mariah Carey's single "It's a Wrap" while throwing in some adorable choreographed dance moves. About halfway through the routine, moms Kim and Mariah step in front of their daughters to jokingly steal the spotlight. They are playfully pushed aside by North and Monroe.

The child celebs did another TikTok collab in February 2023 and performed the viral two-person dance routine to Rihanna's Super Bowl performance of "Work." There's no doubt these two have a future onstage.