Ivanka Caps Off Trump Trial Testimony With Unbothered New Selfie

Ivanka Trump avoided being a defendant in the New York fraud case brought by Attorney General Letitia James against Donald Trump, his company, and his two eldest sons. But she couldn't avoid having to testify. Ivanka's testimony in the Trump fraud trial caused a stir. She frequently said "I don't recall" or some variation thereof over her four hours on the stand when she was asked about various financial documents and their veracity, according to BBC News.

Ivanka had tried to get out of testifying in the case against the Trump company, which would continue her seeming attempts to distance herself from her father since he lost the election in 2020. That attempt to separate herself from the political and legal drama swirling around Donald seems to be evident in her latest Instagram post. With no reference to her time spent on the witness stand or hint at how she might feel about it, she posted a black-and-white photo featuring her reflection. Ivanka looks anything but bothered in the picture and appears very much a projection of calm and control.

Ivanka Trump is projecting an image of composure

Ivanka Trump listed New York as her location in her Instagram post, which is the only oblique reference to the trial. And to go along with the serene expression on her face, there's a luxury candle in the picture — what shows self-care and control over your life more than a $94 candle by Byredo? Ivanka is in good company — Taylor Swift and Jennifer Aniston are also fans of Byredo candles.

Ivanka's peaceful and poised post is pretty much the opposite of how her brothers used social media during the Trump fraud trial. After his testimony, Donald Trump Jr. posted a complaint about how the courtroom sketch artist portrayed him. And Eric Trump shared footage of his comments to reporters on Instagram after his time in court. Ivanka didn't speak with reporters after she testified.

Ivanka's post also mimics how she behaved on the stand. After court ended the day of Ivanka's testimony, Attorney General Letitia James told reporters that she "was cordial, she was disciplined, she was controlled, and she was very courteous," per The New Yorker. We'll see how calm she remains when the verdict comes in; she, along with her eldest brothers, could be barred from being executives in any New York-based business.