Jerry Seinfeld's Kids Live A Lavish Life

If you're a fan of comedy, you know who Jerry Seinfeld is. The man made a name for himself in the '90s with his hit sitcom "Seinfeld." The Emmy-winning comedian stayed relevant in Hollywood after it ended through his stand-up and his other famous show, "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." However, much of his time spent post-"Seinfeld" was with his wife and children. Jerry met his wife, Jessica Seinfeld, the same year "Seinfeld" ended, and they got married the following year. Soon after, the couple had three children: Sascha Seinfeld in 2000, Julian Seinfeld in 2003, and Shepherd Seinfeld in 2005.

"The nicest way to say this is that he wasn't a natural when our kids were born. He wasn't immediately pushing strollers and carrying babies. He jokes that it took him a good 10 years to warm up," Jessica said of her husband in an interview with Parents, as reported by People. Just as he says, Jerry did warm up to fatherhood and seemingly has a healthy relationship with each of his children.

Through his work as a comedian, Jerry has earned incredible amounts of money, which has allowed him to provide for his family in rather astonishing ways. From multiple homes and luxurious vacations to fancy schools with famous alumni, the Seinfeld kids have lived very lavish lives, and trust us, you'll be quite fascinated by some of the details.

Their father is almost a billionaire

It's a lot easier to live a lavish life when your father is nearly a billionaire. Jerry Seinfeld, father to Sascha, Julian, and Shepherd, made a lot of money from his self-titled sitcom "Seinfeld," and he continues to do so. The comedian is worth an estimated $950 million, and a good portion of that comes from his lucrative streaming contract. In 2020, Jerry negotiated a deal with Netflix for $500 million for the platform to have exclusive streaming rights to "Seinfeld" for five years. Jerry also earns money from his comedy tours, one of which in the late 2010s reportedly earned him over $20 million.

Jerry was rich long before the early 2020s. Back in 2010, Forbes estimated the comic was worth $800 million. According to Jerry, though, he doesn't work to become a billionaire. "I like money, but it's never been about the money," Jerry said in an interview with The New York Times Magazine. Jerry's comedy is about the art form, and he always works to improve his craft. "It's similar to calligraphy or samurai ... That's it for me: solitude and precision, refining a tiny thing for the sake of it," Jerry added. We imagine making millions each year isn't a bad perk.

Jerry Seinfeld's kids grew up in luxurious homes

Jerry Seinfeld has spent millions on many luxuries throughout his career, and several of those purchases have benefitted his entire family. For example, the comedian has owned multiple properties in the United States for several years, providing a main residence and vacation spots for himself, his wife, and his children. Seinfeld's primary residence is in Manhattan. The comedian reportedly owns an apartment on the Upper West Side, and in 2021, outsiders got a glimpse into his building thanks to the sale of another unit. What Seinfeld paid for his apartment isn't clear, but whoever landed the available unit had to shell out around $13 million. That price tag did come with views of Central Park, though.

Seinfeld also has land on Long Island. The New York native bought property to the east of his primary residence back in 2000 from a very famous singer, Billy Joel. Seinfeld reportedly paid anywhere from $35 million to $40 million for the residence, and he and his family still spend time there today. The estate includes a 22-car garage, a pool, a guest house, and a barn, and it sits on 12 acres of land. Seinfeld also owned a mountain home in Telluride, Colorado. He reportedly purchased the cabin in 2007 for $7.55 million and listed it in 2021 for over twice what he originally paid. His former Telluride home has over twice the amount of land as his Long Island home.

Sascha had an epic bat mitzvah

Jerry Seinfeld has long been open about his Jewish heritage, even including it as one of his character's traits on "Seinfeld." The comic has passed on his beliefs to his children, and his daughter, Sascha Seinfeld, celebrated one of the most sacred rites in the Jewish faith in a truly memorable way. In the Jewish faith, when a girl turns 12, she becomes an adult, and this occasion is called a bat mitzvah. To celebrate the occasion, her family often throws her a party, and friends and extended family members typically come. When the Seinfelds threw Sascha her bat mitzvah, celebrities like Andy Cohen, George Stephanopoulos, Kelly Ripa, and Mark Consuelos were in attendance.

Sascha wasn't the only Seinfeld to have an epic coming-of-age party. When Sascha's brother Julian Seinfeld turned 13, he was thrown a bar mitzvah, the male equivalent of a bat mitzvah. According to Julian and Sascha's mother, Julian's bar mitzvah was a party for the ages. "We had Jew-Chella meaning Friday night service, Saturday service, rager on Saturday night and then Sunday morning brunch with my family," Jessica Seinfeld told People of her son's bar mitzvah. "We had a raging party in New York City where people age 70 down to age 5 were on the dance floor for five hours straight. It was so fun!" she added.

Sascha was an equestrian when she was younger

Lots of kids find hobbies, but when you're the daughter of a multi-millionaire, you can afford to have hobbies that are a little more sophisticated than collecting stamps (though considering the price of stamps these days, that's an expensive hobby, too). While she doesn't seem to be into it anymore, years ago, Sascha Seinfeld was an equestrian. The famous daughter participated in competitions like The Hampton Classic Horse Show in Bridgehampton, New York, where she placed second. Seinfeld was in good company as an equestrian – celebrities and their children like Kaley Cuoco, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Mary-Kate Olsen are also known equestrians.

There's a simple explanation for why most equestrians come from or have money – it's expensive. Just owning a horse costs thousands of dollars each year, thanks to upkeep, and riding a horse for sport is even more expensive. Paying for lessons, hiring a farrier, purchasing riding clothes, and entering competitions can cost an additional tens of thousands of dollars, making equestrianism a hobby accessible only to the elite. Not every sport Seinfeld has participated in is quite so pricey, though. The actor's daughter posted to Instagram a photo of herself playing basketball with her dad, which is a much more cost-effective way to spend time together.

Sascha learned to drive a stick shift on a luxury vehicle

Learning to drive isn't a rite of passage reserved for the elite – hundreds of millions of people in the United States are licensed drivers. However, learning to drive on a luxury vehicle isn't quite as common. In 2017, when she had reached the appropriate age, Sascha Seinfeld learned to drive on one of her father's luxury vehicles. "My daughter, who is incredibly funny, has her learner's permit right now, which is crazy. Jerry taught her to drive stick shift on our very old [Land Rover] Defender," Jessica Seinfeld told Harper's Bazaar. Although Jessica described the Land Rover as old, even having a luxury car is a much different reality than most living in the United States.

The Land Rover Defender isn't the only luxury vehicle Jerry Seinfeld could've used to teach his daughter to drive. The comic is a self-proclaimed car guy, and he's got quite the collection to back up his declaration. Among his cars are reportedly a 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder, which is estimated to cost $5.3 million; a 1964 Aston Martin DB5 worth an estimated $6.4 million; and a 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing, which apparently set the comedian back nearly $7 million. Just one of the aforementioned cars is worth well over what the average American earns throughout their lifetime.

Sascha received a top-tier education

It's expensive to raise a child, and it's even more expensive to raise a child in New York City. Research shows that it costs parents an average of $226,000 to raise a child in New York City, and if you send your child to the right high school, you can spend that average on tuition alone. Such was likely the case for Sascha Seinfeld's parents. The famed comedian's daughter attended high school at Chapin, an expensive all-girls private school in New York City. Tuition for the school was around $60,000 in 2023. Though Sascha had graduated by then, the cost was likely similar when she was a student — and it's unlikely her parents were given any breaks, considering her father's high net worth.

After graduating from an expensive high school, Sascha attended an expensive college. Sascha went to Duke University, a private school in North Carolina with a higher-than-average tuition rate for private universities in the United States. In 2021, one of the years Sascha attended, it cost just under $80,000 per year for a student enrolled at Duke. Sascha graduated in 2023, and her entire family was in attendance to celebrate the milestone. "Thank you Duke University for launching our little rocket into the next stratosphere," Jessica Seinfeld said on Instagram. "It's been the best but fastest chapter of Sascha Seinfeld's life. We had an unforgettable weekend celebrating our wonder girl," she added.

Julian went to expensive schools, too

For the most part, Jerry Seinfeld's children keep a low profile. While Sascha Seinfeld shares some of her life on Instagram, her younger brother, Julian Seinfeld, is far more private. Some details about the comic's son are known thanks to his mother's Instagram and his LinkedIn page, but Julian otherwise stays out of the limelight. What he's publicized most is his education and his work ventures. While growing up in New York City, Julian attended the Ethical Culture Fieldstone School, a longstanding private school in the city that costs tens of thousands of dollars to attend and whose former students include legendary composer Stephen Sondheim and John Lennon and Yoko Ono's son Sean Lennon, among others. Julian graduated from the famous school in 2021.

After graduating from the Ethical Culture Fieldstone School, Julian enrolled at Duke University, the same private school his sister attended. While attending college, the famous actor's son also found work at 35V, a media company co-founded by NBA player Kevin Durant. If you're wondering how the college student is able to manage studying at a top university while working for a professional athlete, according to his mother, it's all thanks to his hard work. "Your work ethic enables you to balance a heavy college course load with a job you love," Jessica Seinfeld said of her son in an Instagram post celebrating his birthday. "You are such a phenomenal and gorgeous human being," she added.

Sascha wrote a sketch for Inside Amy Schumer

Just because the nepo baby conversation has died down a bit doesn't mean there aren't still nepo babies finding work in entertainment. Sascha Seinfeld is one of them. The daughter of the famous comedian found work with another notorious comic — Amy Schumer — as a writer on her show, "Inside Amy Schumer." Sascha's mother, Jessica Seinfeld, shared the news on Instagram saying "Congratulations Amy Schumer on a new season of Inside Amy Schumer! The show is brilliant, and — proud mom alert — what an honor for Sascha Seinfeld to have been a writer on a sketch in the first episode." While Sascha has yet to win any awards for her comic work, the show she worked on has received three Primetime Emmys.

And according to Jerry Seinfeld, Sascha has the comedy chops required for such a role. Jerry shared in an interview with CBS that his daughter has a great sense of humor. "My daughter could do [stand-up comedy]. She could. I don't think she will. But she's got it somehow ... the first I saw that 'Wow, this is genetic!'" the comedian said. Sure, Jerry might be biased, but he clearly does know comedy. His daughter has yet to rack up further professional writing credits, but she was credited as a kid humor consultant for the 2007 animated film "Bee Movie," which Jerry wrote and produced in addition to voicing the main character.

Sascha travels all over the world

One surefire sign of wealth is frequent travel. Children of the rich and famous have long been seen traipsing about the globe on what is likely their parents' dime, and Sascha Seinfeld is no different. The comedian's daughter has taken to her Instagram for years to document her trips all over the world, and each new place she visits looks more glamorous and beautiful than the last. In 2016, Seinfeld posted a photo of herself and a friend in Paris, France, and the month prior, she posted a pic of herself on an island in Italy.

Some of Seinfeld's travels have been less conspicuous. In the summer of 2021, Seinfeld shared a carousel of photos from her travels, the backgrounds indicating she was outside the U.S., though she never confirmed her exact location. The following year, she posted multiple photos again, this time captioning the post, "Hot people in Europe," and the next month, she geotagged her post in London. Seinfeld even combined traveling with doing her mother a favor. While in London, Sascha took a photo with her mother's cookbook, "Vegan, At Times," which the cookbook author posted to market the U.K. release of her book. While we can't confidently name every place Seinfeld has been, we can surmise that she's no stranger to traveling, visiting places many only dream of.

The family makes time to vacation together

Jerry Seinfeld's kids don't always travel sans parents — sometimes, the entire family takes an epic European vacation together. In 2022, Jerry, his wife, and his three kids traveled to Italy together. Jessica Seinfeld posted several photos to her Instagram story documenting the trip, and she noted in one photo, "We are all reunited after too many months apart." Even if the Seinfelds aren't taking their children on luxury vacations, they're still doing something cool and costly, like spending the night on Broadway watching a new play, as Jessica did one evening with Sascha Seinfeld.

Jerry and Jessica's youngest child, Shepherd Seinfeld, stays out of the spotlight, but he, too, has had more than a few incredible experiences in his life. For example, in 2016, Shepherd joined his parents in meeting then-Vice President Joe Biden. "He was so warm and gracious, but he mostly wanted to talk with our kids, our friends, our sitter and her son to hear how their lives were going," Jessica said of their meeting. The following year, Shepherd got to join his family at a charity event in Central Park in support of his mother's non-profit organization GOOD+ Foundation. Shepherd also has an IMDb credit, which he earned when he was just two years old. The comedian's son acted as a kid humor consultant for Jerry's 2007 animated film "Bee Movie" alongside his sister.