Young And The Restless Star Tracey Bregman Nearly Missed Her Son's Proposal

"The Young and the Restless" star Tracey Bregman has celebrated 40 years playing Lauren Fenmore on the hit CBS soap. It's safe to say that she's enjoyed every bit of it, too. Speaking to Soap Opera Digest in an interview, Bregman was asked about the best thing about playing Lauren. She said, "First of all, you get to wear some great fashion, plus I've had some remarkable, wonderful storylines and I got really lucky to win the co-star lottery every time."

Off-screen, Bregman is known for her love of horses and of course, the love she has for her family. The actor has two adult sons, Austin and Landon Recht, according to Closer Weekly. She told the publication that while juggling motherhood with her professional commitments wasn't always easy, she managed to make it work. "I have to say, my children became very adaptable. I could take them anywhere. If they were tired, they'd curl up, put their head on my shoulder and go to sleep. The studio was so noisy that they learned to sleep through anything!" she said.

And while there's no doubt that Bregman would never skip any of her children's important life moments and milestones, there was one that she almost missed altogether: her son Austin's proposal.

Tracey almost missed one of the most important days of Austin's life

Tracey Bregman might be a busy daytime television star and mom, but there's no way that she would ever miss one of the most important days of her son Austin Recht's life. While on "The Talk," Bregman said that she and Recht wanted to make the proposal very special for her future daughter-in-law, Antonia Burchman. And while they had every detail of the beach proposal planned perfectly, Los Angeles traffic got in the way and the cinematographer couldn't make it on time. So Bregman did what any good mother-in-law would do and she got out her phone and started recording the proposal. 

However, it didn't take long for her to notice that she was recording someone who was not her son and not his future wife. She said (via, "I was filming this lovely couple and realized, 'That's not my son!' I was like, 'Oh my God, did I miss the whole thing?!'" But Bregman was not going to let this become a tragic soap opera storyline and quickly sprung to action.

Tracey Bregman managed to catch the proposal on time

"The Young and the Restless" star Tracey Bregman might have witnessed another lovely couple's proposal on the beach when she thought it was her son, but thankfully she caught Austin Recht asking the all-important question to his girlfriend Antonia Burchman just in time. And better yet, she documented it all on her Instagram account, too. Sharing several photos that included Recht getting down on one bended knee, Bregman captioned the moment with, "Best day ever!! She said YES."

Bregman is no doubt very happy to celebrate her son finding the love of his life, but when it comes to her own dating life, she says that it hasn't been all that easy. She told Closer Weekly in 2022, "I don't know if I'd ever get married again. I just got out of a long relationship. It's the first time I have been completely single in a long time. I need a moment."