Prince William's Birthday Greeting To King Charles Has Followers Saying The Same Thing

King Charles III has officially turned 75. A big birthday like this one is worth celebrating, and plenty of Charles' family, friends, and even the public have been wishing him the best. Yet, some insiders claim that Prince Harry snubbed his dad's milestone birthday. It's difficult to know whether or not Harry reached out to Charles, but it is known that he chose to stay home in California rather than travel overseas for his dad's party. While Harry may have brushed off his dad, many fans think that William, Prince of Wales, in turn, has slighted his brother.

The Prince and Princess of Wales' official joint Instagram account posted a series of photos in honor of Charles' 75th on November 14, 2023. For a post in celebration of his dad's birthday, it didn't seem as though anything was out of the ordinary at first glance. The caption simply reads, "Wishing His Majesty The King a very happy 75th birthday!" followed by a birthday cake emoji. The photo carousel starts with a photo of a younger Charles and William sporting snow gear and laughing in front of a snowy mountain. The second photo shows Charles smiling alone in a suit, and the third and final photo shows William and Kate Middleton with their three children standing on the balcony alongside Charles and Queen Camilla on the day of their coronation. Despite the warm wishes behind the post, many folks took note of Harry's absence and had some questions.

Comments on Charles' birthday post questioned Harry's absence

Many of the folks in the comment section on the Prince and Princess of Wales' birthday Instagram post for Charles shared one question: where is Harry? The Instagram tribute included a family photo, as well as one with just Charles and his son, but this made the lack of photos featuring Harry and his family obvious to many. Countless comments pointed this out, including one that said, "You would think from this post he only has the one son."

Most of the talk in the tribute's comment section was about Harry. Surely some folks wonder if the choice of photos in the post gives insight into the truth about William and Harry's relationship. The public is especially curious about this, considering the many recent rumors that Harry has made failed attempts at reuniting with William and even claims that William may be planning to exclude Harry and Meghan from his own coronation one day. Still, some commenters think others are reading too far into the post; one said, "Since when was it a rule that when you tell your parents Happy Birthday all your siblings have to be in the photo? Some of y'all are reaching." Others were on William's side whether this post was meant to be passive-aggressive or not, with one saying, "If only your brother was such a kind [and] loyal son as you are!" Regardless of the meaning behind Harry's exclusion, it left people talking.