Every Hallmark Christmas Movie Starring Autumn Reeser

Being a Hallmark Channel fan is especially delightful during the Christmas season, as the network offers a plethora of original movies featuring its biggest names. One such star is Autumn Reeser, whom you might recognize from a classic teen TV show, "The O.C." After finding her place under the Hallmark sun, Reeser has starred in more than 15 of the network's movies. However, surprisingly, only a few fall into the Christmas category.

Despite Reeser's Hallmark fame, the actor has graced the screen in just three Hallmark Christmas films — "A Bramble House Christmas," "Christmas Under the Stars," and "A Glenbrooke Christmas." Interestingly, the actor herself isn't a huge fan of the holiday season, or at least she wasn't one before immersing herself in the world of Hallmark's seasonal glee. In a 2019 conversation with Green Child Magazine, Reeser revealed her family doesn't even decorate for Christmas. "Over time, I've really come to question the value of storing items year-round that you only use for a month," she explained.

However, Reeser has since changed her tune, turning into a fervent Christmas enthusiast after filming one of the Hallmark holiday-themed films. Additionally, the actor expressed gratitude for the opportunity to bring joy and positivity through Hallmark's storylines in an interview on the Hallmark Channel's "Home and Family Show," which undoubtedly includes her three Christmas romances.

A Bramble House Christmas

Autumn Reeser made her debut in the world of Hallmark Christmas movies with "A Bramble House Christmas," premiering on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries in 2017. In the film, Reeser portrays Willa Fairchild, a nurse and single mother to Scout, who unexpectedly inherits a substantial sum from her deceased patient. The plot takes a twist when the patient's son, Finn Conrad (played by David Haydn-Jones), becomes suspicious of his father's last-minute decision and decides to investigate Willa. However, the storyline takes an unexpected (and romantic) turn as the two find themselves falling in love, but also when Willa finds out who Finn really is.

In an interview with MediaVillage, Reeser revealed she had a burning desire to do a Hallmark Christmas movie prior to scoring the role of Willa. "Every time I'd run into someone from Hallmark, I'd ask, 'Where is my Christmas movie?'" the star quipped. "It's been a goal for the last year, and I'm so happy with this one. It was the right [movie] for me."

Despite the story exploring themes of loss, Reeser found the filming experience enjoyable, attributing it to her excellent rapport with Haydn-Jones. In a promotional talk with Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Reeser praised Haydn-Jones's humor, which made their filming days a breeze. "We have this great relationship," she said. "The chemistry [and the camaraderie were] easy to find there, and we've had a beautiful time making this film."

Christmas Under the Stars

In the 2019 Hallmark Christmas movie "Christmas Under the Stars," we follow Julie (played by Autumn Reeser), a middle school astronomy teacher and a single mom to her son, Matt. The storyline revolves around her newfound connection with Nick (played by Jesse Metcalfe), a former investment banker who recently lost his job. Obviously set during the Christmas season, the film emphasizes the themes of gratitude and love, promising to evoke warm holiday feelings.

For Reeser, "Christmas Under the Stars" was particularly meaningful, and not just because it was the 10th movie for the Hallmark Channel. The story touches on the theme of loss during the holidays, a situation many people can relate to in real life, including the leading star herself. "The holidays have always been kind of a melancholy time in my family," Reeser revealed in her "Home and Family Show" interview, as she reflected on her own experiences. "My paternal grandmother passed [away] when I was four, just before the holidays ... It makes this time of the year a little more complex."

Despite the bittersweet backdrop, the filming process was fun for the Hallmark favorite. Reeser documented the behind-the-scenes moments on her Instagram, showcasing the cast's journey as they filmed the Christmas romance in the midst of summer. Whether it was dancing or sharing heartfelt laughs, Reeser and the entire crew captured the true essence of Hallmark's holiday movies.

A Glenbrooke Christmas

The following year marked Autumn Reeser's starring role in another Hallmark Movies & Mysteries original film, "A Glenbrooke Christmas." In the movie, Reeser plays Jessica Morgan, a wealthy heiress who decides to take a short break from her busy life to celebrate Christmas in Glenbrooke, the charming Colorado town where her parents first met. The romantic twist she wasn't expecting unfolds when she meets Kyle Buchanan (played by Antonio Cupo), the local fire chief, and finds herself falling for him.

During a promotional interview on W Network, Reeser expressed her excitement about the festive atmosphere on set. "I'm usually a holiday minimalist," the actor explained. "But I've been feeling so cozy and Christmassy [on set that] I went online and bought out all the Christmas decorations." The star's enthusiasm serves as a fair warning to viewers to brace themselves for a holiday-filled experience with "A Glenbrooke Christmas," so tread lightly.

Sharing additional insights on social media, Reeser revealed that the production took place in Canada during the late fall, which she loved. "Usually, we're sweltering in winter wool, but this time we could even see our breath," she wrote

In addition to getting Reeser in the holiday mood, "A Glenbrooke Christmas" was her third Hallmark movie alongside Cupo, and the duo got to showcase their off-the-charts chemistry once again. They have previously starred together in "Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade" in 2012 and "I Do, I Do, I Do" in 2015.