Why Barbra Streisand And James Brolin Refuse To Share A Bank Account

One of Hollywood's longest-lasting couples, Barbra Streisand and James Brolin, only met when they were both in their 50s. This was in 1996, when the two stars first crossed paths on a blind date, and an insult brought them together. They took their relationship to the next level two years later and have been happily married since. For over two decades, the two entrepreneurs have maintained a great relationship, proving that they've found the secret to a successful marriage.

Other than putting in effort and being kind to each other, the famous spouses have another secret to getting along — they refuse to share a bank account. While research from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business suggests that merging finances can enhance marital satisfaction by providing a sense of security, Streisand and Brolin, both worth millions of dollars, want to dismiss the chances of financial trouble coming between them.

Despite not following conventional advice on managing their funds, the couple has obviously developed their own formula for marital bliss, showcasing that there's no one-size-fits-all approach to a lasting relationship.

Streisand and Brolin don't want their money causing relationship problems

In a 2015 interview with HuffPost Live, James Brolin revealed that he and Barbra Streisand prefer to maintain separate bank accounts, a decision they made to avoid potential financial complications in their relationship. "We've bifurcated, and I love it that way," the star noted. "I have my own money, and she has her own money."

Brolin, emphasizing the success of their financial arrangement over two decades, explained that he wanted to avoid the pitfalls he experienced in his two previous marriages. "I know what trouble can come out of marriage, so I didn't want any reason that I would ever have to be either divorced or married again," he said.

Forbes estimates Barbra Streisand's net worth at approximately $430 million as of 2023, a substantial amount compared to Brolin's net worth of $50 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. It's no surprise Streisand is worth almost nine times more, given her extensive six-decade-long career, which includes achievements like joining the EGOT club (Streisand's won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony award) and having chart-topping albums in each of her entrepreneurial decades. In addition to not sharing a bank account, Brolin and Streisand have other methods that make their marriage tick.

Streisand and Brolin still work on their decades-long marriage

Barbra Streisand and James Brolin attribute the success of their marriage not only to refusing to share a bank account but also to the benefits of couples therapy. In a 2013 interview with Closer Weekly, Brolin revealed he and Barbra see a marital counselor when needed in order to keep their marriage as good as it is.

It obviously works like a charm, as Brolin's sentiment persisted five years later in a 2018 conversation with Entertainment Tonight, where the actor reiterated the effectiveness of a good therapy session. "I do believe in counseling if anybody ever has a problem in their marriage," he said. "Bring in a referee, talk it over, and I swear to you, it will dispel by the end of the session, each time!"

Streisand, on the other hand, underscored the importance of attentiveness and conscious effort in maintaining a strong marital bond. "It's not easy. It's work, but it comes with rewards," the renowned singer said in a 2014 interview with People. "You really have to pay attention to the other person and have kindness in your heart." The couple seems to share a mutual mindset on relationships, clearly prioritizing what works for them, even if it diverges from conventional approaches.