Why A Sasha Gilmore And Cody Bell Romance Has Major Potential On General Hospital

Even the most hard-to-please "General Hospital" fan has to admit that Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) and Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) have undeniable chemistry. On the November 15, 2023 Episode, she admitted to Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) that she's developing feelings for the lovable cowboy, which he overheard. Cody has yet to admit that he reciprocates, although his actions in saving her several times have spoken far more than words. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry's spoilers, he'll be admitting his attraction to her soon. When Cody first arrived in Port Charles, he was thrust into a relationship with Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud), and fans instantly disliked him because the two didn't have any chemistry. Many wanted to see him gone, but when he saved Sasha from the clutches of the vile Dr. Montague (Darin Toonder), it changed their minds about him

One viewer wrote on the Soaps message board in September 2023, "What was most endearing was the trust that emanated from Sasha's eyes and quite frankly the love shown in Cody's eyes. We have witnessed the beginning of a deeply moving love story." With a possible relationship between them blooming — especially since he's now a co-spokesmodel with her at Deception Cosmetics — the two could be very good for each other. Sasha needs someone to be by her side during the tough times, and Cody needs someone to bolster his self-worth. Cody's a good guy at heart, and Sasha's starting to realize that.

Sasha Gilmore and Cody Bell could become a power couple

Although Cody Bell started with an agenda to claim a valuable necklace for himself on "General Hospital," it's been explained that he'd been given the short shrift his whole life, and has been fending for himself for as long as he can remember. But he's not a bitter guy, and in Sasha Gilmore, he saw another human in need and helped her. Because trouble always seems to find him, he ended up lying about a DNA test taken between him and potential bio-dad Mac Scorpio (John J. York). Because Mac is such an upstanding citizen, Cody felt he didn't deserve the police commissioner's fatherly love. He confided this with Sasha, and if they got together, she could convince him to come clean with Mac, which would benefit everyone.

Sasha's been through the wringer, and truly needs a man who will put her needs above all else. In his selfless acts to help her — including getting himself committed so he could be on the inside of a sanitarium to rescue her — he's more than proven his loyalty. When Haven DeHavilland (Morgan Fairchild) tried to cause her to have another live television meltdown, Cody put a stop to it. They have the potential to become a rock-solid power couple for a long time, and there's a great opportunity here for them to face adversity as a strong unit, rather than be pulled apart by overused soap tropes.