Days Of Our Lives Icon Lauren Koslow's Daughter Has Grown Up To Be Her Twin

"Days of Our Lives" star Lauren Koslow, who is best known for her role as Kate Roberts on the hit Peacock soap, is proud of the work she's done in front of the cameras, but she's even more happy and proud of the life she has with her family at home. 

In Salem, it seems like Kate has given birth to half the town, as she can count Lucas Horton, Rex Brady, Billie Reed, Austin Reed, and Cassie Brady as children of her own. Some of her favorite "Days of Our Lives" storylines have revolved around her character's romantic relationships, her kids, and of course, sharing screen time with her former co-star, Joseph Mascolo (Stefano DiMera). Koslow has always loved working on the set of "DOOL." She told Soap Opera Digest back in 2021, "I totally remember my first day. What stood out to me was, 'Oh, my God, I love this show!'" while also adding, "The stories were so rich, so I just felt like I had fallen into this bonanza for an actress."

Now, if there's anyone that the producers could use to play Koslow's much younger version of Kate Roberts, it would be her daughter, Emilia Katari, because they almost look like identical twins.

Lauren Koslow and her daughter Emilia look like they could be sisters

"Days of Our Lives" actor Lauren Koslow shares two children with her husband, Nicky Schillace, Emilia Katari and Zachariah. But it's Emilia who could play a young Kate Roberts in throwback scenes for the hit daytime television show, because she's her mother's doppelganger. Lauren often shares photos of the two of them on social media, and more often than not, many of her fans and followers have to do a double-take because they don't know who is who. Back in March 2022, Lauren shared a photo of her and her daughter enjoying a little getaway to Laguna Beach, California. Many of her Instagram followers commented on the pic with, "Oh my goodness you and mini you!! How sweet," along with, "She is a clone of you!"

Lauren certainly loves this stage of motherhood as she gets to celebrate all of her daughter's milestones, including her wedding day, which even had "Days of Our Lives" fans expressing their happiness for her. It was truly a memorable moment for Lauren to see her daughter get married off the coast of Italy. And now it looks like Lauren and Emilia are about to start a new chapter in their lives as both a grandmother and a mother. 

Lauren Koslow is about to become a grandmother

Lauren Koslow posted an Instagram pic of her and her daughter in October 2023 and announced to the world that she is going to be a grandmother for the first time. She wrote in the caption, "Happy birthday my beautiful daughter — enjoy every moment of this most fabulous next trip around the sun. Congratulations my soon-to-be little mama."

It's definitely going to feel like full circle for Lauren again, as she told Soap Opera Digest in an interview back in 1996 that being a daytime television star worked perfectly for a mother-of-two like her. She said, "Daytime is perfect for having a somewhat normal family life. I can drop [Zach and daughter, Milikate, 5], at school before going to work." There's a very good chance that Lauren is going to hold on to that schedule now, but for grandmother time instead. Emilia is certainly lucky to have such a talented, loving, and supportive mom in Lauren.