Who Is Brittany Williams, The Woman NFL Star Josh Allen Dated Before Hailee Steinfeld?

In May 2023, Josh Allen sparked dating rumors with Hailee Steinfeld after the two were spotted enjoying date nights around New York City. A few days later, a source confirmed their new relationship to People. In June another source told the outlet that they "are still dating and getting to know each other." The source added that Allen's busy training schedule meant he wouldn't have much time to focus on romance and that the pair were keeping things casual as a result. By October, however, things seemed to have taken a more serious turn as Steinfeld was seen on a shopping date with Allen's mother. Nevertheless, Allen wasn't happy that his romance with Steinfeld was making headlines. 

His new love with Steinfeld received mixed reactions because, in the same month, he got out of a six-year relationship with Pilates instructor Brittany Williams. In a since-deleted post, celebrity gossip account DeuxMoi claimed the relationship ended because Allen cheated on Williams with a bartender and got her pregnant. Following their split, Williams unfollowed the NFL player on social media accounts and deleted all snaps of him from Instagram. 

After that, she had a hot girl summer as she posted several pics of herself vacationing and having fun with her friends. However, the breakup might've been harder than the couple let on because Allen and Williams have known each other since they were around eight years old. The future lovebirds first met at Allen's brother's birthday party as kids, though they had no idea they'd eventually fall in love.

Josh Allen ghosted Brittany Williams after a high school dance

Speaking on Kelly Stafford's "The Morning After Podcast," Brittany Williams shared that during their first meeting as kids, Josh Allen sweetly handed her a baseball from a game that was going on near the party they were attending. She also shared her reaction, recalling, "And I just remember being so embarrassed like, 'Oh my gosh, cooties.' And that was like the big first moment we remember about each other." In her teenage years, Williams saw a photo of Allen and realized he had a glow-up. Back then, Allen and Williams' mothers were friends, so Williams got her mom to ask the NFL star's mother to set them up. 

After their first date, Williams kissed Allen in the parking lot. She later asked him to go to a school dance with her, but things took a turn for the worse at the event because her friends didn't take kindly to Allen. She said the two didn't talk for a year — all Allen's doing, she adds — but they eventually started a long-distance relationship in freshman year of college when Allen messaged her and admitted he shouldn't have ghosted her. 

From there, their relationship thrived, and in 2022, they moved in together in a house they built in Buffalo and even got an adorable pup named Sky. When Stafford asked her about the possibility of an engagement, she explained, "What me and Josh always say: 'What's understood doesn't need to be explained.' Like we understand what we have. Everyone around us [is] going to say this, say that." A very diplomatic answer, for sure! 

Brittany Williams has experimented with several career paths

Brittany Williams has an Agribusiness/Agricultural Business Operations degree from California State University, Fresno. It seems like she jumped at the opportunity to experiment with her interests at college because she joined the cheerleading and dancing teams and Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. In 2020, she started working as a Pilates instructor and launched her virtual studio, Pilates by Britt. 

In an Instagram Q & A sesh, Williams shared that although she had only started working as an instructor two years prior, she had tons of experience because she had been practicing Pilates since she was 15 and fully committed to it at 20. As a virtual instructor, she offered Pilates workout videos that targeted different muscles, live videos, and some workout challenges. It's unclear if she's still pursuing the venture because the brand's Instagram account has been inactive since August 2022. 

However, she seems to have become a fashion influencer based on her personal Instagram feed, which features all the stunning outfits she wears as she jet-sets around the world. Travel also seems to be a great love of Williams because, in 2023, she took her hot girl summer to Europe and shared several pics of her in Italy. In the same year, she also dabbled into the world of vlogging by posting two slice-of-life videos.