Tom Cruise Reportedly Regrets Dumping One Of His Old Flames For Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise regrets letting go of a Hollywood siren for Katie Holmes. The actor, who makes just as many headlines for his personal life as he does for his professional one, courted Holmes in a whirlwind romance back in 2005 that included a lot of loved-up red carpet moments, declarations of infatuation, and well, some couch-jumping episodes, too. Even though Cruise has not uttered a word about Holmes ever since she pulled the plug on their marriage back in 2011, the actor did tell Oprah Winfrey in 2008 that the love he felt for his wife at the time was one that he had never felt before. He said, "Something I just can't articulate — what it's like and that feeling and the connection and just who [Katie] is and what she means to me." However, the reason why Cruise and Holmes divorced was because the former "Dawson's Creek" star took issue with her husband's religion of choice, Scientology.

Yet, it seems like something must have changed between now and then, as Cruise allegedly regrets not making things official with another beautiful brunette that was in his life before Holmes: "Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara. Cruise and Vergara briefly dated right before he met and fell in love with Holmes.

Tom Cruise and Sofia Vergara were a couple in the mid-2000s

Sofia Vergara became a household name thanks to her role on the hit ABC sitcom "Modern Family," but before that, she was dating one of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry: Tom Cruise. Vergara and Cruise were the Hollywood 'It' couple that no one knew about, as they managed to keep their short-lived relationship under the radar back in 2005. It was Will Smith who had introduced Cruise to the Colombian-born beauty, according to InStyle. Cruise even showered Vergara with the typical flowers and chocolates that you would expect during the early stages of dating, per Business Insider, but she had reservations. Vergara, a devout Catholic, just wasn't ready to leap into Scientology. 

Currently, reports say that Cruise wants to give his romance with Vergara a second chance now that the two of them are single. Actually, make that sort of single. Cruise has sure been trying to find a new lady love in his life after his potential romance with Hayley Atwell didn't work out, as detailed by Page Six, and Shakira supposedly rejected the actor's advances, per Vulture. That's probably why Cruise wants to take a step back before moving forward in his love life again.

Tom Cruise wants a second chance

According to the New York Post, Tom Cruise might be single and ready to mingle, but he also has his eye on his former flame Sofia Vergara again, even though their relationship didn't work out almost two decades ago. Cruise thinks that now is the right time seeing how Vergara and her ex-husband Joe Manganiello are no longer together. One source close to the situation even told the Mirror, "They do have that history already, even if it was more of a brief dalliance than a fully fledged romance," while also adding, "It's always eaten away at Tom that he dumped Sofia and chose Katie."

Now, as far as whether or not Cruise indeed dumped Vergara for Katie Holmes, no one knows, but if the actor truly does want to pursue his ex, he's going to have to get working on it. That's because Vergara and her new boyfriend, surgeon Justin Saliman, are heating things up with date nights all over Los Angeles, per People. This might turn into one mission impossible for Cruise.