Ivanka Trump Introduces Two New Furry Family Members

Ivanka Trump grew up in New York and was very much a part of the social elite for quite a long time — that is until Donald Trump became president and she joined his administration. After his presidency came to an end, Ivanka ended up moving to Florida full-time. However, she did return to New York recently where Ivanka's testimony in the Donald Trump fraud case caused a stir.

Now, she seems to have put all that trial unpleasantness behind her. She's back home in Florida, and she's kept quiet on social media about her thoughts on her father's legal issues. Instead, she used Instagram to introduce the world to her family's latest new furry friends. Ivanka shared pictures of the whole family — both people and pets — with the caption, "A couple of weeks ago we brought Simba, our big-hearted and goofy German Shepherd-Lab mix, home from Big Dog Ranch Rescue. This little warrior puppy was found abandoned and emaciated alongside a highway in Alabama." We definitely applaud her for adopting a rescue puppy!

Simba wasn't the only new addition to the family, though. Ivanka revealed they'd also recently gotten a hamster named Chester, which based on the photos, seems to belong to Theodore Kushner — the youngest of Ivanka's three kids. Simba and Chester join Winter, the dog that Arabella Kushner got for her 8th birthday.

Ivanka Trump shared a sweet pic that honored Ivana Trump

In Ivanka Trump's Instagram share about her family's furbabies, she included a picture of Simba, their newest pet, sitting with her son Joseph Kushner on a memorial bench for Ivana Trump — a very sweet tribute to Ivanka's mother and her kids' grandmother. Ivana was a big-time animal lover, and the bench notes Ivana's best friends as Chappy, Dodo, and Tiger — all names of Ivana's dogs that she'd had over the years. Tiger was even mentioned in Ivana's will; she left Tiger and a Miami condo to the Trump family nanny.

While Ivana was a dog fan, her husband Donald Trump decidedly was not, something that she noted in her memoir "Raising Trump." When Donald was president, he broke tradition in a number of ways, including not having any family pets in the White House. That made him the first president since Andrew Johnson, who became president in 1865 after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, to not own any animals.

It looks like Ivanka takes more after her mother when it comes to pets. And from the smiles on her kids' faces with their pets, it looks like they're happy with their fur family too!