General Hospital: Trina's Wake-Up Call For Spencer Has Us Jumping For Joy

Ever since Esme Prince (Avery Pohl) declared that she and her baby, Ace, were getting a place of their own, Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez) has been pretty upset on "General Hospital." He felt that Ace needed a father figure, and the three have been living with his grandmother, Laura Collins (Genie Francis) as a result. Spencer used to hate Esme and even feared for the baby's upbringing, but because she has amnesia and doesn't remember all the evil things she previously did while wreaking havoc, his opinion softened.

But when Trina (Tabyana Ali) reacted happily upon hearing Esme's news, Spencer lost it and gave her an ultimatum that she shouldn't force him to pick either her or Ace. Trina stormed out, leaving Spencer confused as to what to do. He sought the advice of their friend Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) who explained that even though he has no interest in Esme, it's unfair for everyone if Spencer continues to cohabitate with her and raise the child while seeing Trina on the side.

On top of that, both Joss and Laura reminded him on separate occasions that he's not Ace's father, he's the child's older brother. All of this finally got through Spencer's thick skull, and on the November 20, 2023, episode he apologized to Trina for giving her an ultimatum and swore he would put her first before everything else going forward. "GH" fans breathed a collective sigh of relief as their new favorite couple managed to leap over this major hurdle.

Spencer still has an ace up his sleeve

"General Hospital" fans were thrilled when Trina faced Spencer and accepted his apology. As one wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, "Thankfully Spencer woke up & realized he needed to fix things. Putting Trina 1st for once!!" Actor Tabyana Ali explained to Soap Opera Digest in an interview posted on November 17 that Trina wants Spencer to understand her point of view, not just tell her what he thinks she wants to hear. 

"She wants him to actually believe it and feel it and really understand it himself. And I think he does a good job of conveying that he does believe it himself and he is seeing what she is talking about," the soap star stated. By walking out after their argument, Trina set in motion her own ultimatum, and Spencer realized if he continued to live with Esme, he could lose Trina. It was clear from the beginning that Spencer living with Esme and Ace was not sitting well with Trina. 

It was a potential disaster waiting to happen too, especially since Esme recently admitted to Laura that she was developing feelings for him. Pun firmly intended, Spencer still has an ace up his sleeve in the form of a safe deposit box full of incriminating evidence against Esme. He doesn't care whether it's real or manufactured, and could use it to take her out of the equation by sending Esme to jail so that he and Trina can raise Ace together instead.