Why Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Fans Were Sent Into A Frenzy Over Scarecrows

Taylor Swift is certainly no stranger to the repercussions of the rumor mill. A recent rumor, however, was sparked due to one seriously surprising source: scarecrows. Everyone is talking about Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship as of late. And, many folks would jump at the chance to see them on a date IRL. So, when fans heard that the power couple was visiting a New Canaan, Connecticut restaurant, they rushed to the scene in hopes of seeing the beloved stars. In reality, though, Swift and Kelce were nowhere to be found. Instead, there were scarecrows modeled to look like the celebs. 

Two scarecrows that were dressed to look like the stars with a football helmet and guitar in tow were set up outside of the Elm restaurant in preparation for a local scarecrow-building contest. Surely some cute, pop culture-referential scarecrows could draw a few folks to a restaurant. Yet, it was impossible to anticipate just how good this advertising would really be. Hundreds of people heard that these scarecrows were actually the real deal and gathered outside waiting for the stars to leave the restaurant. 

The scarecrows drew a crowd of hundreds of fans

It seems that a real-life game of telephone turned a simple scarecrow sighting into a massive gathering of excited Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce fans. Yet, a post from Sports hub on X, formerly known as Twitter, may have been a key culprit in the confusion. The post stated, "Travis Kelce has been spotted having lunch with Taylor Swift, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds in New Canaan Connecticut right now." It just so happens that Reynolds and Lively actually do own a house close by in Westchester County, New York, so this double date wouldn't have been completely out of left field, even in the eyes of big fans of the stars.

Thanks to the tweet and some quickly-spreading word-of-mouth, the gossip took New Canaan High School by storm, and plenty of hopeful teens and adults alike rushed to the restaurant, ready to be starstruck. Many folks remained outside waiting for hours. The police arrived at the scene around 4:30 PM, but they were unable to entirely scatter the crowd.

Taylor and Travis didn't grace the restaurant – this time, at least

While plenty of fans showed up hopeful that they'd see the stars, it's been confirmed that there was nothing to see but scarecrows. A manager at the Elm settled this with the Daily Voice, saying, "I swear Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are not here and were not here. I would tell you if they were." Furthermore, it has since been confirmed that at the time, Swift was in L.A. enjoying a girls' night out with stars, Zoë Kravitz and Selena Gomez.

Even though the real stars weren't actually on a date at this particular restaurant, in the wake of a video of Swift and Kelce publicly kissing, as well as her own lyrical change confirming the pair's relationship at a recent Eras Tour concert, it's safe to say that there will be plenty of sightings of this couple on dates in the future. For anyone who really wants to catch a glimpse of this pair, a Kansas City Chiefs game is a safe bet. Or, you could always just head to Connecticut to check out their famous scarecrows.