Meet Gordon Ramsay's 6 Kids, Including Newborn Jesse James

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With his meme-able quips and huge selection of bingeable reality shows, it's little wonder why Gordon Ramsay is considered one of the most famous chefs in the world. The British chef extraordinaire gained fame in the late 1990s with his string of popular TV shows, including "Hell's Kitchen." Ramsay's fiery temper and hilarious insults at subpar dishes made him a living legend once social media came into existence. Of course, his food is also revered. As a multi-Michelin star chef, Ramsay has dozens of restaurants all around the world.

Along with a busy career in the kitchen, Ramsay keeps particularly busy with his family life. When he's not obliterating smug chefs-to-be for flopping in the kitchen, the restauranteur is spending time with his rather sizable family. Ramsay has been married to his wife Tana since 1996 and the couple share a whopping total of six children together, with their latest born on November 8, 2023. 

As his TV series "MasterChef Junior" showcases, the cranky culinary whiz has a soft spot for children, so it may not be a surprise to learn that Ramsay has so many. If you're curious about Gordon's "tiny kitchen helpers," here's everything we know about his six kids.

Megan Jane Ramsay

Megan Jane Ramsay is the firstborn child of Gordon and Tana Ramsay. She was born on May 16, 1998. The eldest of the Ramsay children was the first ever in the family to receive a college degree, a fact that her father proudly shared via social media. "So proud of this young Lady, @megan__ramsay our first Ramsay ever to graduate with a degree," he wrote alongside the pictures of Megan wearing her cap and gown.

Although most of the Ramsay children seem to have their own ambitions outside of the culinary arts, Megan has dabbled in her dad's preferred career before. She and her friends were invited onto an episode of "Hell's Kitchen" to celebrate her 21st birthday. During the episode, she proved she has a picky palate, much like her dad, as she had no problem sending her plate back to the kitchen when she found it wasn't seasoned properly.

While he was on "The Kelly Clarkson Show," Gordon admitted that he's a bit of a helicopter dad when it comes to his daughters and who they're dating. The star chef recalled one time he jumped on FaceTime with Megan's boyfriend during the couple's date night to warn him that he was "not his future father-in-law."

Holly Anna Ramsay

On December 31, 1999, Gordon and Tana Ramsay gave birth to fraternal twins. One of the twins is a girl, and her name is Holly Anna Ramsay. Holly, like her dad, has a real talent when it comes to social media. As an influencer and model, she has amassed a huge online following. She regularly shares fashion-forward photos with her more than 300,000 Instagram followers.

Holly is also a staunch advocate for mental health awareness. Her passion for the subject led the young adult to create her own podcast called "21 & Over." The podcast takes listeners on a personal journey of healing with Holly, who has been open about her own experience with anxiety and depression. "21 & Over" invites others to share their own experiences as a means to promote well-being. During the first episode, Holly revealed that she is the victim of sexual assault. She stated that the podcast is her way of taking control of her life and using her story to help others who might be in a similar situation.

Jack Scott Ramsay

Jack Scott Ramsay is the twin brother of Holly Ramsay. Like Holly, he was born on New Year's Eve in 1999. It could be said that Jack has another unofficial twin in his family, as with his blonde hair and blue eyes, he looks an awful lot like his father.

Jack may look a lot like Chef Ramsay, but Gordon's eldest son has decided he's going to carve a path all his own. In 2020, Jack enlisted in the Royal Marines, also known as the United Kingdom's commando force. Gordon, who has publicly supported the military during his TV shows, couldn't wait to let his followers know about Jack's brave decision. In a touching Instagram post, Gordon expressed how proud he was of Jack for the achievement. He also included two photos of his son in his new uniform.

Despite their different lifestyles, the father and son do share some of the same interests. During a joint interview with British GQ, Jack and Gordon revealed that they enjoy going on drives and playing sports together.

Matilda 'Tilly' Ramsay

If there's one Ramsay kid who seems ready to follow in their father's culinary footsteps, it's Matilda Ramsay. Matilda, who sometimes goes by Tilly, was born on November 8, 2001. Her birthday falls on the same day as her dad's, and it's a fact they both appreciate. To celebrate her dad's 55th birthday, Tilly took to Instagram and posted an adorable childhood photo of herself hoisted high on Gordon's shoulders. After wishing her dad a happy birthday, she wrote, "I couldn't think of a better person to share this day with and I can't wait until we can celebrate together!" Gordon mirrored her sentiments in his own birthday message dedicated to Tilly, saying "You've grown up to become an amazing role model."

That's not where the similarities between father and daughter end. Tilly has grown up to be a lot like her father in many ways. She and her dad are both authors. Gordon has a host of cookbooks beneath his belt, but Tilly could catch up with him. She released her first cookbook "Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch: Tilly's Takeover" in May 2017 when she was only a teenager. 

Also like her father, Tilly is a television star. She's the host of CBBC's "Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch." The show follows Tilly as she engages in family hijinks and shows viewers how to cook up an assortment of healthy and delicious dishes.

Oscar James Ramsay

The announcement of Gordon Ramsay's fifth child couldn't have been any cuter. During an adorable New Year's Day video filmed in 2019, the Ramsay family dropped news of an incoming member. In the video, each of the Ramsay children wishes viewers a happy New Year before the camera pans down to reveal Tana's baby bump. Gordon announces, in disbelief, that they have another Ramsay on the way. 

Gordon Ramsay's fifth child Oscar James Ramsay was born on April 4, 2016. An ecstatic Gordon shared news of his son's birth on social media. "After 3 baftas [sic] and one Emmy ... finally we have won an Oscar," he joked. Oscar's birth was indeed special. Tragically, Gordon and Tana had lost their previous son in a miscarriage three years prior.

Oscar may be young, but he's already got a ton of fans eager to see what he's up to each day. Luckily, those fans can check in on the little chef on his Instagram page. Managed by his older sisters Tilly and Holly, Oscar's social media is filled with posts about his everyday adventures with family and friends.

Jesse James Ramsay

Rounding up the Ramsay bunch is baby Jesse James Ramsay, Gordon and Tana Ramsay's sixth child. Jesse was born in November 2023, and the couple announced his birth on Nov. 11, making him the third Ramsay to have an early November birthday.

The delighted dad was excited to share the big news with his active social media following. To announce Jesse's birth, Gordon posted a picture on Instagram that showed his new baby boy being swaddled lovingly in his mother's arms as Gordon gave the wee bundle a peck on the head. "What an amazing birthday present," the famous chef captioned the picture. "Please welcome Jesse James Ramsay, 7lbs 10oz whopper!! One more bundle of love to the Ramsay brigade!!"

Jesse is Gordon's third son, meaning the chef now has an equal number of sons and daughters. He seems pleased as punch to have reached that number — he's even hinted that Jesse will be the final baby to join the Ramsay crew.