Where You've Seen Hallmark Newcomer Erica Cerra Before

Fans of Hallmark's "Mystery on Mistletoe Lane" will recognize leading man and frequent Hallmark star Victor Webster, who has been in favorites like "The Wedding Veil Legacy," "Summer Villa," and "A Harvest Wedding." However, for his co-star Erica Cerra, the film is her Hallmark debut. In the holiday feel-good flick, Cerra plays Heidi Wicks, a mom who has just bought a charming old house in a brand-new town, and her whole family — along with Webster's character David — experience the joy of the holidays while sleuthing out clues in the home on Mistletoe Lane.

Just because Cerra's new to Hallmark doesn't mean she's a totally unfamiliar face. The talented actor has been gracing screens since she was a kid. As an adult, Cerra has been fortunate enough to appear in both major motion pictures and popular television series. Fans of the SyFy channel's breakout hit "Eureka" will probably instantly recognize Cerra as the show's hard-hitting deputy sheriff, Jo Lupo.

But the accomplished Cerra has long known that being on screen was the role for her, even before "Eureka" in 2006. In an interview with Backstage in 2019, she recalled, "I remember when I was about 20 years old, [my dad] asked me, 'So, are you going to go to school and do something with your life?' I answered, 'Dad, I want to be an actor.'" Now, her latest Hallmark movie is yet another role that shows just how multifaceted she is, considering her previous acting credits have been much less of the lighthearted seasonal variety and much more sci-fi.

You likely know Erica Cerra as a deputy sheriff

Erica Cerra may have gotten her start in commercials and the Knowledge Network's children's program "Kidzone," but she really made waves as Jo Lupo on the long-running show "Eureka." SyFy hosted the show for five seasons beginning in 2006. Cerra starred as a no-nonsense deputy sheriff in the drama, first appearing in the pilot episode. When "Eureka" was not renewed for a sixth season, Cerra told The Hollywood Reporter, "I have learned so much being on 'Eureka,' I have grown as an actress, as a person, and I feel prepared to tackle whatever my next role is in full force."

While she didn't pick up anything long-term immediately after "Eureka," it's easy to see why she is so memorable as Cerra has appeared in many episodes of television shows, including "Smallville," "Supernatural," "The 100," and "The Good Doctor." She maintains that despite her long run on "Eureka," it might not be the show most people know her from. Telling Backstage, "A lot of people recognize me or know me from 'Battlestar Galactica,' but I only did a couple of episodes."

Aside from the small screen, Cerra has also made her way into blockbuster movies. You might recall her as Hera in "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" or June Kwan in the 2017 remake of "Power Rangers." Or, perhaps her voice invokes déjà vu, as she stars as mom Susan in three of the "Diary of A Wimpy Kid" animated films.

Her debut may just be the first of many Hallmark films

If fans' reactions to "Mystery on Mistletoe Lane" are any indication, Erica Cerra may have a future at Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. When the network shared a promotional post on Instagram, commenters chimed in with how much they adored the stars of the film. "That was such a cute movie, really enjoyed the chemistry between the main characters," gushed one, while another noted, "I loved it! @iamvictorwebster and @ericacerra did a great job." Some even noted that the writers set it up perfectly for a sequel.

Cerra may have another thing going for her, too — she is from Vancouver, British Columbia. The publication Vancouver is Awesome reports that the Hallmark network films over 50 of its movies in the location within twelve calendar months. In addition, a decent portion of the actors in the warm and fuzzy films are from, or at least currently living, in Vancouver or the surrounding Canadian provinces. For example, one of Hallmark's favorite leading men, network veteran Tyler Hynes, hails from Canada, as does Cerra's co-star Victor Webster. According to Cerra's brand new biography on the network page, she lives in Vancouver with her husband and kids.

It remains to be seen if Cerra feels that the Hallmark family is right for her, being a genre she hasn't had much experience with in the past. Nevertheless, the fans have welcomed her with open arms, and should Hallmark want to call on her again, she lives in their preferred location.