Sarah Jessica Parker Perfume Gift Sets That Fragrance Fanatics Find Lovely

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It's well documented that Sarah Jessica Parker is a fan of shoes, and even started her own footwear line of stiletto heels and sparkly bows worthy of any "Sex and the City" episode. She's also an award-winning actor, an avid book reader, an advocate for all the arts, and a fashion icon with a style obsession that rivals her famous character Carrie Bradshaw. She's also very into smelling as good as she looks. 

"One of the first things I bought as a young adult who was earning my own money was a fragrance," she shared with The Cut. "My mother, a couple actresses I worked with, and influential women in my life always smelled really good." It only made sense that she started her own line of perfume under the Sarah Jessica Parker brand name. She released her first fragrance named Lovely in 2005, fulfilling a long-held dream. "When I got my first BlackBerry in 1999, one of the first things that I entered in the memo section was names of fragrances," she said.

The "And Just Like That" actor now has a portfolio of popular perfumes and is offering several different gift sets perfect for fragrance fanatics. Sarah Jessica Parker fragrances are available directly on her retail website SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker and via Amazon, where reviews have included words like, "must have," "all-time favorite," and "nothing better." Prices will vary by retailer, but most gift sets are priced between $52 and $85.

If you want your fragrance to be Lovely

Sarah Jessica Parker released her first fragrance, Lovely, in 2005, but the star had been wearing it way before then. "People would always stop me ... and ask, 'What is that scent?'" she explained to Allure. "It was Lovely. I had been making it myself for years." She worked with perfumiers to make her signature scent available to everyone. If you've joined SJP in wearing and loving it, you're not alone — there are over 10,000 reviews on Amazon, with fans rating it 4.4 stars overall.

The Lovely fragrance begins with top notes of mandarin, bergamot, rosewood, lavender, and appropriately enough, a martini scent — although this one is apple in nature, and not cosmopolitan. The notes that follow include patchouli, paperwhites, and orchids at the heart, along with base scents of cedarwood, white amber, and musk. 

There are three different gift scents featuring the Lovely fragrance. The three-piece set includes a 100 ML bottle of Eau de Parfum Spray, Soft Body Lotion in a 200 ML size, and a 10 ML Rollerball. If you need a little less perfume, the two-piece Lovely gift set has a smaller, 50 ML bottle of Eau de Parfum Spray, accompanied by the Soft Body Lotion. For a full fragrance sensation, you'll want to grab the two-piece Lovely set that includes a 236 ML bottle of Body Mist for all-over application, as well as a 100 ML Eau de Parfum Spray. 

If you prefer Born Lovely as your scent

If you have days when you're feeling just a little more cheeky, you may want to explore Sarah Jessica Parker's Born Lovely fragrance. When it was released in 2018, Parker shared that this new scent, while related to the signature Lovely, was more like a cool, younger relative. "This fragrance just feels more youthful," she described to Refinery 29. "It has a contemporary feel. It doesn't feel as serious."

While you'll still find a few familiar scents, like mandarin, patchouli, and cedarwood, Born Lovely has tones of sweetness like honeysuckle, orange blossom, and freesia. You may also discover hints of peony, cassis, blushing freesia, and caramel amidst the heart and base notes. You'll also find that fragrance fans are just as enamored with this scent as they are with the original Lovely. On Ipsy, over 47,000 reviewers gave Born Lovely a combined rating of 4.5 stars. 

The Born Lovely gift set will provide you with a layered scent profile, starting with the Gentle Bath and Body Wash in a 200 ML bottle. You can follow that with the Soft Body Lotion (200 ML), and top it off with a spritz of Born Lovely Eau de Parfum Spray in a 100 ML bottle, the centerpiece of the set. 

If you can't decide which Lovely you love most

Think you're as much of a fragrance fanatic as Sarah Jessica Parker? "I wear fragrance all. Day. Long," the "Divorce" star confessed to Vogue. "It's probably the area in which I'm most egregious in my total decadence. I don't limit myself." And why limit yourself to just one scent? It's perfectly okay to own more than one, or six, bottles of perfume — one to suit each of your moods or outfits. 

"True fragrance lovers, like myself, we think we're monogamous but the truth is we change," Parker told Glamour. "I think fragrances are those things that really you can change."

If this sounds perfectly reasonable, then you must check out the SJP Beauty gift set, which gives you a double dose of Sarah Jessica Parker's fragrances. Each gift box is packaged with two 30 ML bottles, one each of Lovely and Born Lovely Eau de Parfume Spray.

If you'd rather love NYC

If you've seen every episode of "Sex and the City" and its revival "And Just Like That," SJP NYC is your fragrance. Sarah Jessica Parker shared her HBO character from both series was the scent's inspiration. "What I really wanted to do was capture an image, a snapshot in my head of Carrie Bradshaw," she explained via Parade. "That sort of freeze-frame of her walking down any New York City street at an idyllic time of year in a floral-print dress."

SJP NYC has the same mandarin scent as a top note as Lovely and Born Lovely — and the same adoration by fragrance fans. Over 80% of the scent's reviewers on Amazon give it the full five stars. White osmanthus and wild strawberries round out the first layer, with floral heart notes of gardenia, honeysuckle, mimosa, and red damascene rose. The base notes are rich with vanilla, sandalwood, rum, and musk.

The SJP NYC gift set includes a 100 ML Eau de Parfum Spray, perfect for your initial application. There's also a 10 ml Rollerball to tuck in your purse or pocket for re-upping the scent later. And, of course, you'll get that amazing bottle. While most of Sarah Jessica Parker fragrance packages are more refined, SJP NYC is anything but. A fashionista at heart, the star pieced together fabric patterns from New York shops for a fabulous collage in a riot of colors — much like the city its named after.