Ivanka Trump Laughs Off Her Surfing Blunder (See The Snap)

In early November 2023, Ivanka Trump's testimony in the Donald Trump fraud case caused a stir. However, she seems to have definitely moved on and seems fully unbothered by the whole mess, at least, if her Instagram account is any indication. She and the family went to the Bahamas around the Thanksgiving holiday, and Ivanka posted to Instagram about her experience on the Flowrider surf machine at Nassau's Baha Bay Water Park. It looked like it was a fun experience all around, but as anyone who's tried surfing knows— whether on a surf machine or in the ocean — it can go from super fun to wiping out in a moment. And we got to see Ivanka be reminded of that at least once — the second image of her Instagram post showed Ivanka after she'd wiped out. But judging by her smile in the rest of the post and the laughing emoji in the caption, she seems to have taken the wipeout in stride.

Ivanka is often very put together at both public events and via her social media, so it's nice to see her showing a less flattering and definitely candid moment from her family vacation. Ivanka also shared a video of a successful run on the wave machine, where she stayed upright the whole ride with just a bit of assistance from a staff member at the water park.

Ivanka Trump seems to love surfing

Ivanka Trump also shared the pictures of her surf session on her Instagram Stories. She also added some clips of her youngest child Theodore, whom she referred to as "my fearless Theo," as he did a 360 roll on a boogie board. People in the comments on Ivanka's post were impressed with her surf skills. One wrote, "It's WAY harder than it looks, great job!" while another said, "Excellent balance and strength." Some were interested in knowing where she got her two-tone, cut-out purple swimsuit, and to be honest, we're curious about that too.

Ivanka and her family seem to love being in the water. Ivanka shared a video of her wake surfing in August 2023, and earlier in the summer, she took surf lessons in Costa Rica. The family got surf lessons in Miami a couple of years before where they seemed a bit unsteadier on their boards, so it looks like they've made a lot of progress in their surf skills. 

Ivanka also posted more pictures of her holiday downtime with the kids enjoying the hot tub and the ocean. We just love to see a family make fun memories together on vacation!