General Hospital's Tabyana Ali Is Done With Esme (& So Are We)

Ever since the wicked Esme Prince (Avery Pohl) conveniently got amnesia and forgot all of the evil crimes she committed on "General Hospital," the character has been seemingly on a redemption arc. One of her victims, Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali), has been wary about Esme's amnesia claim but has chosen to wait and see what happens. However, Ali herself is pretty much over Esme at this point.  

Ali's character's boyfriend, Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez) previously hated Esme but changed his tune as he helped her take care of his baby brother and her son, Ace. There was tension between Spencer and Trina because he didn't want Esme and Ace to move out of his grandmother's house. After reiterating that Spencer's the child's brother and not his father, Trina got through to him, and their relationship is back on track.

As the events of the Thanksgiving episode roll on, Spencer and Trina's reunion will land them between the sheets. But as Ali told Soap Opera Digest in an article released on November 24, they still end up discussing how Esme's move will change things. The actress herself was thinking, "Why are we still talking about Esme? Why is she still being brought up?" She wanted to see the characters get past the issue, remarking, "We talked about it, and we just got done doing what we were doing, so let's just move on, okay?" Fans are also fed up with Esme, and something needs to be done with the character.

Esme should either get a good story or be written out

When Esme Prince was a full-on villain on "General Hospital," Avery Pohl's acting skills shined, and we loved to hate her. She deftly wore an evil look on her face, but now that she's been defanged, she's thoroughly uninteresting and pathetic. "GH" has been nailing typical soap opera tropes by turning them on their ears lately, so having her memory loss be permanent would be right in line with that.

Esme needs a good storyline to make her interesting again, and the show has planted some seeds that could be used. Esme and Spencer previously dated when he didn't know she had a sinister agenda. And now that she's revealed to his grandmother, Laura Collins (Genie Francis), that she's got feelings for him, that could be a part of her memory surfacing. When she was pregnant and a captive of Nikolas Cassadine (then Marcus Coloma), she referred to her child as Ace, and after giving birth, the name came to her and seemed appropriate. Perhaps more of Esme's devious side will come out, and she could become an entirely new villain. 

Without a worthwhile storyline, Esme should be written out of the show, but the writers should somehow work it out so that Spencer gets custody of Ace. It's also possible that Nikolas could come to Port Charles and kidnap her yet again for revenge, or even kill her. Either way, Esme needs to have a good, meaty story, or be written out completely.