Sister Wives' Christine Threw Major Shade At Kody Brown With This Fashion Statement

After parting ways with Kody Brown in November 2021, Christine Brown has had the last laugh, literally. The "Sister Wives" star, who doesn't miss the chance to throw major shade at her ex-husband, showcased her sense of humor on Thanksgiving 2023 with a cheeky fashion statement. While demonstrating a mini-roll recipe for the holiday in an Instagram reel, it was her T-shirt that stole the spotlight.

Fans of the show quickly caught on to the reference and flooded the comment section with praise for Christine's wit. Whether intentional or not, her fashion statement hit the spot for many and emphasized her ability to move forward with grace and a touch of humor. Despite the occasional playful dig at Kody, Christine found happiness with her new husband, David Woolley, with whom she finally got the dream wedding Kody robbed her of.

On the flip side, Kody's journey has taken a different turn. Unintentionally transitioning from a polygamist to a monogamist, he has seen three out of his original four wives part ways with him. Following Christine's departure, Janelle Brown followed suit about a year later, while Kody was the one to push Meri Brown, his first wife, away in the meantime. Left with just one wife, Robyn Brown, Kody claims to be over polygamy. However, he's clearly not over Christine, as his lingering sentiments toward her suggest that closure might still be elusive for him.

It wasn't Christine's first fashion jab at Kody

Originally designed for the promotion of Utah's Wasatch Brewery and its Polygamy Porter beer, the t-shirt Christine Brown wore in her Instagram video boldly features the phrase "I've Tried Polygamy" on the front. The back displays Botticellian figures of multiple women and a man holding just one of them (we're looking at you, Kody and Robyn Brown), accompanied by the slogan "Why Have Just One!" Christine shared in the video that she received the T-shirt at a restaurant, explaining, "They were like, 'Out of everybody here, we feel like you should probably have this shirt.'"

In a clever move, the former sister wife seized the opportunity to subtly throw shade at her ex-husband without directly mentioning the infamous polygamist. Interestingly, this isn't the first time Christine used fashion to subtly express her sentiments about Kody. In October 2023, Christine took to Instagram to share photos from a Disneyland trip with her husband, David Woolley. The couple sported t-shirts clearly signaling monogamy, with Christine's shirt saying "He's Mine" and Woolley's reading "I'm Hers." In the caption, Christine cryptically wrote, "I firmly believe in living my life like I believe in Karma." It seems like Kody is well protected under the stylish layers of shade thrown his way.

Kody isn't as slick with his opinion

While Christine Brown's jabs at her ex-husband are more subtle and refined, Kody Brown openly disses her. Instead of dealing with his emotions privately after their divorce, Kody has continuously been resorting to direct insults and criticisms of his ex. In the 2022 special "Sister Wives: One on One," Kody didn't hold back, labeling Christine as manipulative, insecure, and childish, People reported. "[Christine's] a game player. From the time we were married, [there was] manipulation, pouting, temper tantrums, just behavior things," Kody shared. His bitterness persisted in Season 18, according to Business Insider, where he described Christine as cunning. "I think she's Machiavellian," he told the cameras, adding, "She plays nice while stabbing you in the back."

Notably, Kody didn't limit his critique to Christine's character; he also openly discussed his toxic view of their marriage. In a subsequent episode of the 2022 "Sister Wives: One on One" tell-all, Kody said his marriage to Christine was based on ego. Moreover, he involved the rest of the Brown family in his questionable narrative, alleging that Christine was badmouthing him to their six children in order to play victim, as per The U.S. Sun. Despite Christine's denial, Kody persisted in his solo confessional, saying, "Bull. It's Christine telling them." Given Kody's behavior, some might argue that he deserves all the shade he could possibly get from Christine.